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型號: WORX WX840 20V 鋰電釘槍充電套裝 (可打 K型碼釘 / F型碼釘)



  • 適用於K型碼釘和F型碼釘
  • 接觸驅動模式,速度最高可達每分鐘80釘
  • 彈匣容量: 100釘
  • 免工具驅動深度調節有助於保護工作表面, 使正確設置釘頭
  • 釘碼類型: 18號規格
  • 使用F型碼釘最長可達 20mm-50mm,K型碼釘最長可達 20mm-40mm
  • 易鬆裝彈匣,便於裝訂
  • 2個LED照明
  • 單順序模式,可進行精確放置
  • 加釘指示器
  • 重量:2.9kg(淨機)



  • WU840 x1
  • 2.0Ah 電池 x2
  • 2A充電器 x1
  • 工具箱 x1


Model: WORX WX840 20V Cordless Lithium 18 Gauge Nail / Staple Gun Set


Product introduction

  • 2 functions, for both brad Nail and narrow crown stapler
  • Contact actuated mode for production speed up to 80 nails per minute
  • Magazine capacity: 100 nails

  • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment helps protect work surface and allows proper setting of nail heads
  • Nail type: 18 gauge

  • It uses tips with brad nails up to 20mm-50mm and crown staples up to 20mm-40mm Long
  • Easy release magazine for staples easy loading
  • 2 LEDs illuminate on both sides for better illumination
  • Single sequential mode for precision placement
  • Nail indicator

  • Weight: 2.9kg (without battery)


Product content

  • WX840 x1
  • 2.0Ah battery x2
  • 2A charger x1
  • Tool box x1

WORX 威克士 WX840 20V鋰電釘槍充電套裝(K釘/F釘) - Cordless Lithium Nail / Staple Gun Set



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