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型號: WORX WX255.4 SD 4V鋰電電動螺絲批連螺絲固定器



  • 夾頭尺寸 1/4” 六角
  • 空載轉速 230轉/分鐘
  • 最大扭矩 3Nm
  • 電池容量 1.5Ah
  • 充電時間 5小時
  • USB充電 5V/1A最大
  • 機器重量 500g



  • 25mm螺絲批頭 6個
  • 25mm預孔轉 1個
  • 批頭匣 1個
  • USB充電線 1條
  • 卡扣式螺絲固定器 1個




Model: WORX WX255.4 4V Cordless Lithium Slide Driver with Screw Holder


Product introduction

  • Chuck size: 1/4" hex.
  • No-load speed: 230 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 3Nm
  • Battery capacity: 1.5Ah
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • USB charging: 5V/1Amax
  • Machine weight: 500g


Product content

  • 25mm screwdriver bits x6
  • 25mm pre-hole turn x1
  • Batch header x1
  • USB charging cable x1
  • Snap-in screw holder x1


Suitable for screwing or drilling holes on wood, metal and plastic materials. It also comes with 6 types of 25mm bit with bit box, which simulates the structure of a pistol, and can easily switch between each bit by the way of sleeve loading. The gun head is also equipped with a screw holder, so you don't need to hold the screw head with your hands when tightening the screw. Its snap-in design is also easy to disassemble, and the tip of the gun can be flexibly removed when used in a narrow space.

WORX 威克士 WX255.4 SD 4V鋰電電動螺絲批 - Cordless Lithium Slide Driver with Screw Holder



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