MAKERX 轉接器 (含USB接口及掛扣)
電池開關轉接器+ 4英尺Flex線可提供20V的電源共享與MAKER-X系列的所有工具兼容
WA7161 電池開關轉接器 
輸出電壓 5V~20V
輸出電流 2A~10A,MAX

Hub for MaketX series. Serves to power the mini tools from the MakerX Family.

Hub & Flex Cord – Every tool on the MAKERX platform is powered by the Hub and its rechargeable 20V Power Share battery —it’s the only portable 20V power system for hobby and crafting tools on the market

Flexible Power Cord – 4-foot long cord attachment allows for unencumbered movement when working

Control Switch – Variable speed control for compatible tools, On/Off switch for all tools
Versatile – Crafters and hobbyists will love having portable power, but so will model makers, artists, and makers of all kinds

Portable – MAKERX tools, and their power, go wherever you go—and they don’t need to be near an outlet to plug into

USB Port – Allows additional charging

WORX 威克士 WA7161 MAKER-X 轉接器 (含USB接口及掛扣) MakerX Family Hub with USB Port



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