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型號: WORX WA1905 輪胎及車輪清潔劑(500ml)



  • 清潔軚軨表面上的污垢,例如油脂,道路污染和其他污漬
  • 此產品帶來高效的清潔和嶄新的外觀(表面活性劑,環保助劑,清潔劑)
  • 適用於各種軚軨(鎂合金,鉻合金,鋁製)
  • 清潔前,用水冷卻軚軨, 以防止清潔劑蒸發太快
  • 在距軚軨 約15cm處均勻地使用, 必要時重複噴塗
  • 等待 2-3分鐘,然後使用 Hydroshot 進行清潔
  • 如果沒有 Hydroshot,請使用軟刷或毛巾擦洗,然後用水清洗


Model: WORX WA1905 Hub Cleaner(500ml)


Product introduction

  • Clean dirt like grease, road pollution and other stains on the surface of the wheel hub
  • It brings efficient cleaning and brand new look
  • Surfactant, environmental friendly auxiliaries, cleaning agent
  • Safe for all kinds of wheel hub surfaces(Magnesium alloy, chromium alloy, aluminum wheel hub)
  • Before cleaning, cool the hub with water to prevent the detergent from evaporationg too quickly
  • Evenly apply the cleaner about 15cm from the hub; spray repeatedly if necessary
  • Let it stand for 2-3mins and then use Hydroshot for cleaning
  • Use a soft brush or towel to wipe and then clean with water if you don't have a Hydroshot

WORX 威克士 WA1905 輪胎及車輪清潔劑 (500ml) - Hub Cleaner (500ml)



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