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型號: WORX WA1903 濃縮洗車液(1L)



  • 有郊清除汽車油漆表面上的污漬或油漬
  • 高效,安全,溫和,不會損壞汽車油漆表面
  • 含有表面活性劑,污垢滲透劑及亮度因子
  • 適合汽車和摩托車清潔
  • 將 30-50毫升 的濃縮洗車液倒入噴壺中(WA4036),並與水充分混合
  • 將噴壺連接到Hydroshot以進行泡沫噴塗
  • 靜置 2-3分鐘
  • 然後拆開噴壺
  • 將噴嘴連接到Hydroshot以進行水清潔
  • 如果沒有噴壺(WA4036),則以1:10的比例將其與水混合以進行手動清潔


Model: WORX WA1903 Concentrated Car Cleaner(1L)


Product introduction

  • Cleaning stains or oil stains on the car paint surface with exquisite and rich form
  • It is efficient, safe and mild without damage of its surface
  • Surfactant, dirt penetrant, brightness factor
  • Cleaning and maintenace of motor vehicle and motorcycle
  • Poor 30-50ml into soap bottle(WA4036) and mix well with water
  • Attach soap bottle to Hydroshot for foam spraying
  • Let it stand for 2-3mins
  • Then disassemble the soap bottle
  • Attach the nozzle to Hydroshot for water cleaning
  • Mix it with water at a ratio of 1:10 for manual cleaning if you don't have a soap bottle(WA4036)

WORX 威克士 WA1903 濃縮洗車液(1L) - Concentrated Car Cleaner(1L)



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