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型號: WORX WA1761 水瓶用抽水接駁器 (620 / 623 / 629 / 630 / 633 清洗機專用)


  • 新版不用拆下原有水喉接駁口, 即抽即用


Model: WORX WA1761 Hydroshot bottle cap connector (620 / 623 / 629 / 630 / 633 Hydroshot)


  • Enhance the portability and convenience of your Hydroshot.
  • Fits most 2-liter bottles with 1” opening.
  • Connects easily and instantly – will not drip or leak.
  • Compatible with the Hydroshot portable power cleaner – 620 / 623 / 629 / 630 / 633
  • WORX WA1761 Hydroshot bottle cap Connector is an accessory designed to allow you to use most 2 liter bottles as a portable water source for your WORX Hydroshot. The WA1761 Hydroshot Soda Bottle Adaptor allows your Hydroshot to attach to a regular soda bottle to draw from as a water source. This provides the Hydroshot with even more portability for outdoor activities/lifestyles. It’s simple design also includes air vents that will prevent the bottle collapsing. This is a valid addition to your WORX Hydroshot.

WORX 威克士 WA1761 水瓶用抽水接駁器(620/623/629/630/633專用)-Hydroshot Bottle Cap Connector



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