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型號: WORX WU934 20V 無刷油壓鑽(電錘) + 無刷角磨機組合套件



WORX WU388 20V 24MM 無刷油壓鑽(電錘)

  • 電池電壓: 20V
  • 額定空載轉速: 0-1210 轉/分鐘
  • 額定錘擊數: 0-5400 次/分鐘
  • 衝擊能量: 2.2焦耳
  • 鑽孔能力: 鋼材: 13mm, 木材: 27mm, 混凝土: 24mm
  • 重量: 3.2kg(不含電池)


WORX WU808 20V 100MM 無刷角磨機 

  • 電池電壓: 20V
  • 空載轉速: 3500 / 6000 / 8500 轉/分鐘
  • 砂輪片直徑: 100 mm
  • 砂輪片內徑: 16 mm
  • 尺寸: 348.5x115x118mm
  • 重量: 1.7kg (不含電池)



  • WU388 x1
  • WU808 x1
  • 4.0Ah電池 x 2
  • 6A充電器 x 1
  • 工具袋 x 1


Model: WORX WU934 20V Cordless Lithium Brushless Combination Hammer + Cordless Lithium Brushless Angle Grinder (Combo Kit)


Product introduction

WORX WU388 20V 24MM Cordless Lithium Brushless Combination Hammer

  • Battery voltage: 20V
  • Rated no-load speed: 0-1210 rpm
  • Rated number of hammers: 0-5400 times/min
  • Impact energy: 2.2 Joules
  • Drilling capacity: Steel: 13mm, Wood: 27mm, Concrete: 24mm
  • Net weight: 3.2kg


WORX WU808 20V 100MM Cordless Lithium Brushless Angle Grinder

  • Battery voltage: 20V
  • No-load speed: 3500 / 6000 / 8500 rpm
  • Grinding wheel diameter: 100 mm
  • Grinding wheel inner diameter: 16 mm
  • Dimensions: 348.5x115x118mm
  • Weight: 1.7kg (without battery)


Product content

  • WU388 x1
  • WU808 x1
  • 4.0Ah battery x2
  • 6A charger x1
  • Tool bag x1

WORX威克士 WU934 20V無刷油壓鑽(電錘)+無刷角磨機組合套件-Combo Kit(Combination Hammer+Angle Grinder)



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