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型號: WD-40® WD 88153 萬能防銹潤滑劑 - 少味配方(300毫升)



  • 少味配方,效能不變
  • WD-40® 萬能防銹潤滑劑(少味配方),是幾乎無臭無味的新配方,令你可以在日常生活中更常使用到WD-40® 萬能防銹潤滑劑
  • 保護金屬表面免受腐蝕和潮濕
  • 清除牆壁、地毯和玩具上的蠟筆和膠漬
  • 潤滑家中的所有門窗及可活動部件,包括櫃門鐵閘等
  • 去除活動部件中的水分,使設備不生銹
  • 滲入已卡住的鎖、螺栓等
  • 新式可調節噴咀設計,可選擇擴散噴霧或集中噴射形式使用
  • 簡單易用,噴管與噴咀及樽身連成一體,不易遺失


Model: WD-40® WD 88153 Multi-Purpose Anti-Rust Lubricant - Low Odour (300ml)


Product introduction

  • Low on odour, high on performance
  • WD-40® Multi-Use Product has gotten even easier with our new blend of almost-odourless formula. This is the same amazing product with 2000+ uses and is specially formulated for users who are sensitive to strong smell
  • Protects metal surfaces against corrosion and moisture
  • Cleans crayon and adhesives off walls, carpets and toys
  • Lubricates room doors and freezer doors
  • Displaces moisture from moving parts to keep equipment rust-free
  • Penetrates stuck locks, bolts and locking mechanisms

WD-40® WD 88153 萬能防銹潤滑劑-少味配方(300毫升)-Multi-Purpose Anti-Rust Lubricant-Low Odour



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