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型號: WD-40® WD 88056 萬能防銹潤滑劑 - 專利型靈活噴頭 (450毫升)



  • 8" 長的專利型靈活彈性噴管
  • 噴管可自由彎曲並保持其形狀
  • 效能不變,與普通裝一樣強大
  • 同樣可以以2種方式噴灑
  • 可保持瓶身垂直,然後噴到難以觸及的地方
  • WD-40® 專注突破,解決所有用家在使用時面對的問題
  • WD-40® 專利型靈活噴頭,配有 8 英寸長的靈活可活動噴管,可彎曲並保持形狀,因此您可以在保持瓶身垂直的同時,將產品噴到那些難以觸及的上方和下方空間
  • 注意事項:在拉上和拉下噴管時,建議以一手緊握紅色噴頭,再以另一手調整噴管;請勿單手操作,容易令噴頭損壞


Model: WD-40® WD 88056 Multi-Purpose Anti-Rust Lubricant - EZ-Reach (450ml)


Product introduction

  • 8" flexible straw
  • Straw bends and keeps its shape
  • Same great formula
  • Sprays 2 ways
  • Reach the unreachable
  • A breakthrough in getting WD-40® Multi-use product precisely where you need it.
  • WD-40® EZ-Reach™ features an attached 8” flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape so you can get in, out, around, over and under those hard-to-reach spaces
  • Note: When flipping up or down the straw, it is recommended to hold the nozzle(red in color) tightly with one hand and adjust the straw with the other hand. Do not flip it with one hand, which may cause breakage

WD-40® WD 88056 萬能防銹潤滑劑-專利型靈活噴頭(450毫升) - Multi-Purpose Anti-Rust Lubricant



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