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型號: WD-40® WD 10085 LAVA 火山萬用去污皂 (5.75安士)



  • 皮膚清潔護理專家 專業人士必然之選
  • LAVA火山萬用去污皂,有效去除油漆、油墨、油脂、炭漬、顏料、膠水、油灰及英泥等頑固污漬,亦能辟除腥味,為家居工場必備之洗手皂。
  • 含浮石和火山灰,能迅速輕易地清除頑固污漬及油脂
  • 含滋潤成份,潔手之餘亦不損皮膚
  • 可再生資源,對環境無害
  • 特別適合裝修及修車人士洗手使用


Model: WD-40® WD 10085 LAVA Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner (5.75oz)


Product introduction

Lava Soap Ingredients

  • What is Lava Soap made of? Lava's name was derived from one of its key ingredients: pumice, a by-product of volcanic activity. Our pumice hand soap's powerful particles with other hand cleaning agents gently scrub away grease and exfoliate, leaving your hands clean and moisturized with a subtle scent. Use a little, or use a lot. Whatever the job calls for, Lava Bar pumice soap cleans you up at the end of the day.
  • Lava Soap's pumice cleaning power is used by mechanics, DIYers, professionals, hobbyists,gardeners, and more to quickly break through grease, grime, glue, goop, dirt, tar, oil, sap, paint, and anything that can collect on your hands while working on projects. 

WD-40® WD 10085 LAVA 火山萬用去污皂 (5.75安士) - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner (5.75oz)



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