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型號: WD-40® 3-IN-ONE 專業殺菌冷氣清潔劑 (夏日涼風) - 331ml



  • 清潔冷氣DIY 全面抗菌,保持空氣清新
  • 可以消除99.99%的金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌及白色念珠菌等
  • 只需約20分鐘,一次過完成清潔、抗菌、保養等步驟,清洗後散發清香
  • 可提升冷氣效能,節省能源,延長冷氣機壽命




Model: WD-40® 3-IN-ONE Professional air conditioner cleaner (Summer Breeze) - 331ml


Product introduction

  • A water-based cleaning agent that dissolves grease, dirt, fungi, mold and other build-up from the cooling coils of your air conditioners
  • No rinsing required. After cleaning, your air conditioner will cool faster, thus saving electricity. You will also experience cleaner and fresher air from your air conditioner.
  • Extended air conditioner life span
  • Reduces electricity cost
  • Bacteria free


Note: If the air conditioner has noise/leakage/plate or drainpipe fouling problems, it is recommended to check with the air conditioner technician first. This product can clean the dust and dirt outside the cooling tube in the machine, and discharge the dirt through the drainpipe. When using it, please ensure that the drainpipe can used normally.

WD-40® 3-IN-ONE 專業殺菌冷氣清潔劑 (夏日涼風) - 331ml



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