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  • 超輕量設計,重量只有 530g
  • 50ml 可拆式水箱 ,預熱只需 28 秒
  • 時尚設計,展現品味與個性,並附掛勾,存取方便
  • 軟化皺摺,降低異味
  • 連續按壓,蒸氣不間斷
  • 適合不同物料服飾使用(詳細可參考說明書)
  • 附有專用可拆式清潔毛刷頭及專用機座


型號: TB-G006HK

電源: AC220V / 50Hz

耗電量(約): 550W

電源線長度(約): 2.0m

水箱注水量(約): 50ml

產品重量(約): 470g(不含配件)(水箱清空)

產品尺寸(約): 寬度60 x 深度120 x 高度220mm


Model: TWINBIRD TB-G006HK Steam Hanging Ironing Machine


Product introduction

  • Ultra lightweight design, weighs only 530g.
  • 50ml detachable water tank, preheating only 28 seconds.
  • Fashion Design, Show taste and personality, and attached to the hook, easy access.
  • Soften wrinkles, reduce odor.
  • Continuous pressing, steam uninterrupted.
  • Suitable for the use of different materials clothing (refer to the manual for details).
  • Comes with a dedicated removable cleaning brush head and a dedicated base.


Model: TB-G006HK

Power supply: AC220V / 50Hz

Power consumption (approx.): 550W

Power cord length (approx.): 2.0 m

Water quantity (approx): 50ml

Product weight (approx.): 470g (without accessories) (empty tank)

Product size (Approx): width 60 x depth 120 x height 220 (mm)

TWINBIRD TB-G006HK 美型蒸氣掛燙機 - TWINBIRD TB-G006HK Steam Hanging Ironing Machine



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