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型號: Rasonic RPC-J21「細味廚」智能煲(2升)



  • 外形小巧,小家庭容量
  • 9種煮食功能 : 煮飯、豆類蹄筋、牛羊肉類、家禽排骨、慢燉、粗糧、粥、湯及嬰兒粥
  • 自動/手動排壓,靈活選擇開蓋時間
  • 開蓋收汁功能,不但可提升味道,亦可作加熱功能
  • 密封加熱,省時慳電,鎖住食物營養
  • 拉升旋轉雙重安全解鎖結構
  • 浮子閥升降,清晰排壓提示
  • 12小時預約功能,隨心按時烹調
  • 最長24小時保温
  • 容量 (約): 2 升
  • 預約時間: 1 - 12 小時
  • 煮食功能: 煮飯, 豆類蹄筋, 牛羊肉類, 家禽排骨, 慢燉, 粗糧, 粥, 湯, 嬰兒粥
  • 功率 (約): 700 瓦
  • 配件: 量杯
  • 飯勺
  • 淨重: 約2.6公斤
  • 產品尺寸(約)(闊 x 深 x 高): 218 x 236 x 245毫米


Model: Rasonic RPC-J21 Compact Intelligent Chef (2L)


Product introduction

  • Compact size and volume fit for small family
  • 9 cooking function: rice, bean & tendon, beef & mutton, poultry & ribs, slow stew, coarse grains, congee, soup and baby congee
  • Auto/ manual exhaust process, flexible to open lid
  • Lid open cook function can enhance the food texture and use as heating function
  • Sealed cooking method can save time, energy and preserve food nutrition
  • Double safety lock
  • Float valve design clear show the pressure exhaust process
  • 12 hrs. preset timer, cook whenever you want
  • Max. 24 hrs. keep warm
  • Capacity (Approx.): 2 L
  • Preset Time: 1 - 12 hrs
  • Cooking functions: Rice, Bean & tendon, Beef & mutton, Poultry & ribs, Slow stew, Coarse grains, Congee, Soup, Baby congee
  • Power (Approx.): 700 W
  • Accessories: Measuring cup, Rice scoop
  • Net Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Unit dimensions (Approx.) (W x D x H): 218 x 236 x 245mm

Rasonic 樂信 RPC-J21「細味廚」智能煲(2升) - Compact Intelligent Chef (2L)

HK$698.00 一般價格


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