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型號: Prologic Robotics V920W 智能抹窗機械人



  • 快捷高效清潔系統, 以每秒6.5m/min之速度快捷高效清潔窗戶
  • 具備多重安全系統, 配置安全繩及安全扣, 斷電時亦有內置的後備電池維持吸力
  • 採用創新自動規劃路線技術
  • 具備APP及遙控操作功能
  • 適合各種玻璃窗户類型
  • 機身僅重1.15KG
  • 尺寸 21.5cm X 21.5cm X 6.8cm
  • 規格 100-240V AC 50/60Hz


Model: Prologic Robotics V920W Intelligent Window Cleaning Robot


Product introduction

  • Fast and efficient cleaning system, quickly and efficiently clean windows at a speed of 6.5m/min per second
  • Equipped with multiple safety systems, equipped with safety rope and safety buckle, there is also a built-in backup battery to maintain suction when power is off
  • Using innovative automatic route planning technology
  • With APP and remote control function
  • Suitable for all glass window types
  • Weighs 1.15KG
  • Size 21.5cm X 21.5cm X 6.8cm
  • Specifications 100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Prologic Robotics V920W 智能抹窗機械人 - Intelligent Window Cleaning Robot

HK$3,688.00 一般價格


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