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配備即時加熱技術,此飲水機可在瞬間提供各種不同溫度和容量的清水。多合一 RO 系統以及 UV-LED 能有效清除細菌、病毒、重金屬、殺蟲劑及氯氣,確保水質潔淨。


配備 RO 及即時加熱

  • 逆滲透
  • 熱水與常溫水
  • 檯面式


去除水中小至 0.0001 微米的超細污染物

創新的 AquaShield 多合一 RO逆滲透過濾系統能有效清除重金屬(99.9%* 以上的鉛)、細菌(99.999%* 以上)、病毒(99.999%* 以上)、殺蟲劑(99.9%* 以上)、殘留氯氣(99.9%* 以上),且能有效降低水硬度達 95%,以防形成水垢。保證您能享用潔淨、新鮮且可口的清水。


UV-LED 自動消毒水箱

水箱配備 UV-LED,每隔 1 小時即自動運行,可殺滅 99.9% 細菌,避免二次污染。





擁有 4 種可控的出水量,亦可持續出水

您可以選擇 150 毫升、210 毫升、300 毫升、500 毫升的出水量或持續出水,以滿足不同需要。


ClearSmart 系統,及時提示更換濾芯

CleanSmart 系統會自動記下已過濾的水量,及時提示更換濾芯,讓您和摯愛親朋可隨時享用潔淨清水。



在冬天的時候,如果注入的水溫度低於 10 攝氏度,只需長按常溫水按鈕 3 秒,出水水溫即可達 25 攝氏度。









當出水的水溫高於 45 攝氏度,兒童安全鎖即會自動啟動,防止操作失誤或燙傷。


提供 4 種不同水溫供您選擇

4 種不同水溫:室溫、45 攝氏度、85 攝氏度以及 95 攝氏度。無論是沖泡嬰兒配方奶、茶或咖啡都能讓您輕鬆應對。





  • 清除病毒: 高達 99.999%
  • 除菌: 高達 99.999%
  • 清除重金屬: 高達 99.9%
  • 去除氯氣: 高達 99.9%
  • 去除殺蟲劑: 高達 99.9%
  • 去除 VOC: 是
  • 降低水質硬度: 是



  • 精密濾芯: RO:0.0001 微米
  • 過濾容量: 2000L
  • RO 規格: 50 加侖
  • 更換濾芯: ADD550



  • 額定過濾速度: 每分鐘 0.13 公升
  • 水箱: 4 公升
  • 產品尺寸: 232*250*424 毫米



  • 標準功率: 2200 瓦
  • 電源: 220V/50Hz



  • 入水水壓: 0-0.6  Bar
  • 入水溫度: 5-38  °C
  • 輸入水質: 市政自來水


Purified water of various temperature

With instant heating technology, this dispenser provides water of various temperature and volume within seconds. The all-in-one RO system and UV-LED guarantee clean water by removing bacteria, virus, heavy metal, pesticides and chlorine.


With RO and instant heating

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Hot & Ambient water
  • Countertop


Remove ultrafine contaminants as small as 0.0001um in water

The innovative AquaShield all-in-one RO filtration system can effectively remove heavy metals (Pb >99.9%*), bacteria (>99.999%*), viruses (>99.999%*), pesticides (>99.9%*), residual chlorine (>99.9%*), and effectively reduce the hardness of water by up tp 95% to prevent scale. Clean, fresh and tasty water guaranteed.


Auto-sterilization of water tank with UV-LED

The UV-LED built in the filtered water tank automatically operates every hour, killing 99.9% bacteria to avoid secondary pollution.


Instant supply of water of different temperatures

With advanced instant heating technology, the dispenser provides fresh hot water of different temperature within seconds.


4 controlled volume and continuous flow

You can select 150ml, 210ml, 300ml ,500ml or continuous water flow to accommodate different needs.


ClearSmart system to remind you of timely filter replacemet

The CleanSmart system automatically memorizes how much water has been filtered and reminds you when to replace the filter, so you and your loved ones always enjoy clean water.


Winter mode to provide warm water on demand

When the inlet water temperature is less than 10 Celsius during winter, the output water will be of 25 Celsius when you long press the ambient water button for 3 seconds.


Automatic water shortage reminder

It automatically reminds you when there's water shortage, preventing dry-burnt and ensuring safeness for you.


Real-time water temperature display

The real-time temperature of output water is shown on the display to warn you of hot water to prevent being scalded.


Child lock to prevent mis-operation or burning

When the output water temperature is above 45 Celsius, the child lock will be automatically activated to prevent mis-operation or scalding.


4 water temperatures for your selection

There are 4 temperatures: room temperature, 45 Celsius, 85 Celsius and 95 Celsius. No matter if it is baby formula, tea or coffee, now you can always prepare with ease.


Technical Specifications


Filtration performance

  • Virus removal: up to 99.999%
  • Bacteria removal: up to 99.999%
  • Heavy metal removal: up to 99.9%
  • Chlorine reduction: up to 99.9%
  • Pesticide removal: up to 99.9%
  • VOC removal: Yes
  • Water hardness reduction: Yes


Filter specifications

  • Filter precision: RO:0.0001um
  • Filtration capacity: 2000L
  • RO specifications: 50 Gallon
  • Replacement filter cartridge: ADD550


General specifications

  • Rated water flow rate: 0.13L/min
  • Tank: 4L
  • Product dimension: 232*250*424mm



  • Rated power: 2200W
  • Mains Power: 220V/50Hz


Water input conditions

  • Input water pressure: 0-0.6  bar
  • Input water temperature: 5-38  °C
  • Input water quality: Municipal tap water

PHILIPS ADD6910/90 飲水機 - PHILIPS ADD6910/90 Water dispenser

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