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型號: PHILIPS 飛利浦 GC810/26 手提式蒸氣掛熨機



  • 強力又方便,每日使用,快速見效
  • 讓您快速輕鬆地熨平日常服飾的縐褶
  • 每次熨燙多達 5 件衣物,無需熨衣板
  • 掛熨機可安全用於所有物料,即使是精細衣物,都能保證無亮痕及不熨焦
  • 無需熨衣板
  • 水平熨或掛熨
  • 蒸氣輸出高達每分鐘 32 克
  • 除鈣技術
  • 保證不會出現熨焦
  • 只需 60 秒即可使用
  • 只需 3 分鐘便可熨好您的衣物**
  • 導熱熨壓板可防止在衣物上形成水漬,快速見效
  • 可掛熨衣物或使用加熱熨壓板進行水平熨燙。無需使用熨衣板
  • 專利的獨特除鈣技術令產品能持久地保持一致的熨燙效能
  • StyleMat 助您在掛熨或水平熨燙衣物時更順手
  • 12 分鐘熨個不停!230 毫升水箱足夠熨燙 5 件衣物或 2 套服裝而無需加水。讓您在出門前快速整理造型
  • 手提式蒸氣掛熨機能殺滅 99.9% 的細菌*。您還可以蒸熨窗簾或床單
  • OptimalTemp 免調校溫控技術保證不會出現熨焦。蒸氣掛熨機可安全用於所有布料,是熨平精細布料(如絲綢及茄士咩)的首選


  • 適用於所有可熨物料
  • 不會熨損衣物
  • OptimalTEMP 免調校溫控技術


  • 2 合 1 功能
  • 電源: 1600  瓦
  • 隨時候命: 1  分鐘
  • 按需要釋放蒸汽
  • 多段蒸氣量調節: 2  級數
  • 垂直蒸氣噴射
  • 電壓: 220  伏


  • 水箱容量: 230  毫升
  • 防滴漏
  • 電源線長度: 2.5-3  米
  • 隨時候命: 指示燈
  • 可在使用時隨時加水
  • 矽膠蒸氣喉管
  • 適用於所有布料: 包括精細布料,例如絲質


  • 除鈣和清洗: 除鈣技術 


  • 毛刷
  • StyleMat


  • 全球 2 年保養


  • 第三層: 毛氈


Model: PHILIPS GC810/26 Handheld Steamer


Product introduction

  • Powerful and convenient for quick results everyday
  • The new Philips 8000 Series ensures quick and effortless de-wrinkling of your daily outfits; up to 5 garments at a time, no ironing board needed
  • It is safe to use on all fabrics, even delicate ones; no shine marks and no burns guaranteed
  • Press-Steam laying or hanging
  • Steam up to 32g/min
  • De-Calc Technology
  • Up to 32g/min powerful steam for quick results everyday
  • Ready to use in just 60 seconds

Heated plate for quick results

  • Steam your outfit in as little as 3 minutes**
  • The heated plate prevents condensation on your garments for quick results

Steam hanging your clothes or press-steam them laying

  • Steam hanging clothes or press-steam them laying flat with our heated plate
  • No ironing board needed

Unique De-Calc Technology

  • Thanks to the patented and unique De-Calc Technology, your appliance can last longer with the same steam performance

StyleMat included

  • StyleMat provides support for final crisp touch for steaming in hanging and laying use

230ml Water tank

  • 12 minutes of non-stop steaming
  • The 230ml water tank enables you to steam up to 5 garments or two outfits without refill
  • More than enough for quick touch ups before leaving the house

Steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria*

  • Past few months made us look more for healthy and hygienic solutions
  • Our handheld steamer kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria*
  • You can even steam your curtains and bed sheets

No burns guaranteed with OptimalTemp technology

  • The steamer is safe to use on all fabrics
  • It is a great solution for delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere


Technical Specifications

  • For all ironable fabrics
  • No burns
  • OptimalTEMP technology

Fast crease removal

  • 2-in-1 function
  • Power: 1600  W
  • Ready to use: 1  min
  • Steam-on-demand
  • Variable steam: 2  levels
  • Vertical steam
  • Voltage: 220  V

Easy to use

  • Water tank capacity: 230  ml
  • Drip Stop
  • Power cord length: 2.5-3  m
  • Ready to use: Light indicator
  • Refill any time during use
  • Silicone steam hose
  • Save on all fabrics: Even delicates like silk

Scale management

De-Calc Technology 

Accessories included

  • Brush
  • StyleMat


  • 2 year worldwide guarantee

Board cover

  • Third layer: Felt

PHILIPS 飛利浦 GC810/26 手提式蒸氣掛熨機 - Handheld Steamer

HK$998.00 一般價格


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