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型號: Momax US11UKW Oneplug PD20W 2A2C 11位拖板



  • US11UK 為 11 位排插,帶有 2 個 快充USB 端口和 2個 PD3.0 USB-C 端口。 提供高速充電性能並為您的設備實現快速充電。 直立式設計可以幫助您節省家中的空間,作為家中多種家電和電子產品的充電樞紐, 可以同時為多達15 台設備提供穩定和快速的功率輸出
  • 人人需要的“快充”排插| 帶PD3.0的20W快充USB模塊
  • PD3.0 USB-C + 快充USB-A | 20W快速充電能力
  • 多功能發電站 | 一次為 15 部設備供電
  • 直立式設計 | 大幅減少空間佔用
  • 安全可靠 | 電湧保護、過載保護、短路保護
  • 值得信賴的品質 | 完全認證的 94VO 阻燃材料
  • 小家電友好 | 同時為小工具和 SDA 充電
  • Momax Velcro 紮帶(白色)用於將電纜固定在一起
  • 額定輸入電壓範圍: 250V AC
  • 額定電流: 13A Maximum
  • 額定功率: 3250W Maximum
  • USB-C C1輸出: PD 20W 5V 3A / 9V 2.22A / 12V 1.67A
  • USB-C C2輸出: 5V 3A
  • USB-A A1/A2 單路輸出: 5V 3A
  • USB-C C1, C2, USB-A A1, A2 多口總輸出: 5V 3A
  • 材料: 94VO Flame Resistant Material
  • 尺寸: 96x96x220mm
  • 交流電源線長度/交流: 2m
  • 重量: 763g
  • 配件: 使用說明書和保修卡
  • 顏色: 白色


Model: Momax US11UKW Oneplug 11-Outlet Power Strip With USB


Product introduction

  • The US11UK is an 11-bit power strip with 2 fast-charging USB ports and 2 PD3.0 USB-C ports. Provides high-speed charging performance and enables fast charging of your devices
  • The upright design can help you save space in your home and act as a charging hub for multiple appliances and electronic products in your home, providing stable and fast power output for up to 15 devices at the same time
  • The"fast charging"strip that everyone needs | 20W fast charging USB module with PD3.0
  • PD3.0 USB-C + Fast Charge USB-A | 20W Fast Charge Capability Multifunctional Power Station | Power Supply for 15 Devices at a Time Quality | Fully Certified 94VO Flame Retardant Material Small Appliance Friendly | Charges Gadgets & SDA Simultaneously
  • Momax Velcro ties (white) to hold cables together
  • Rated input voltage range: 250V AC
  • Rated Current: 13A Maximum
  • Rated power: 3250W Maximum
  • USB-C C1 output: PD 20W 5V 3A/9V 2.22A/12V 1.67A
  • USB-C C2 output: 5V 3A
  • USB-A A1/A2 single output: 5V 3A
  • USB-C C1, C2, USB-A A1, A2 Multi-port total output: 5V 3A
  • Material: 94VO Flame Resistant Material
  • Dimensions: 96x96x220mm
  • AC power cord length/AC: 2m
  • Weight: 763g
  • Accessories: Instruction Manual and Warranty Card
  • Color: White

Momax US11UKW Oneplug PD20W 2A2C 11位拖板 - Oneplug 11-Outlet Power Strip With USB



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