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型號: Momax QL11 Lane 電腦屏幕掛燈



  • 輸入及額定功率 : 5V, 5W
  • 顯色度 : ≥90Ra
  • 亮度設置 : 無極調光
  • 色溫模式 : 3000k-5000k
  • 尺寸 : 500 x 25 x 15mm
  • 重量 : 450g ± 5g
  • 顏色 : 黑色
  • 時尚設計、不佔空間且覆蓋面積廣。無眩光,非對稱照明避免螢幕反光,更護眼舒適。夾式懸掛、觸控調節3個色溫範圍及USB-C電源輸入,提供靈活照明
  • 50cm闊掛燈覆蓋面積廣 適合工作和學習
  • 無眩光 非對稱照明減少光源反射,保護雙眼
  • 雙夾式懸掛,靈活兼容不同厚度的顯示屏
  • 低耗USB-C 5W 輸入
  • 3種色溫 無極調節光暗

6. 旋轉按鈕及觸控感應,簡易操作


Model: Momax QL11 Lane Computer Screen Hanging Lamp


Product introduction

  • Input and rated power: 5V, 5W
  • Color rendering: ≥90Ra
  • Brightness setting: stepless dimming
  • Color temperature mode: 3000k-5000k
  • Size: 500 x 25 x 15mm
  • Weight: 450g ± 5g
  • Color: Black
  • Fashionable design, does not occupy space and covers a wide area. No glare, asymmetrical lighting avoids reflections on the screen, which is more eye-friendly and comfortable. Clip-on suspension, touch adjustment of 3 color temperature ranges and USB-C power input provide flexible lighting
  • The 50cm wide hanging lamp covers a wide area, suitable for work and study
  • No glare Asymmetric lighting reduces light source reflection and protects eyes
  • Double clip suspension, flexibly compatible with displays of different thickness
  • Low-power USB-C 5W input
  • 3 kinds of color temperature, stepless adjustment of light and dark
  • Rotating button and touch sensor, easy operation

Momax QL11 Lane 電腦屏幕掛燈 - Lane Computer Screen Hanging Lamp

HK$298.00 一般價格


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