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型號: Momax PZM3YT GLASSPRO+ Tesla Model 3/Y 0.33mm玻璃貼



  • 尺寸:15”
  • 重量:7.8g
  • 適用型號:Tesla Model 3/Y 
  • 採用 9H 硬度鋼化玻璃製成,有效抗斷裂並提供防撞保護。塗層有效抵抗指紋、油漬和其他污染物,確保顯示清晰和屏幕的靈敏度
  • 為Tesla Model 3及Model Y GPS屏幕而設
  • 優質 9H 鋼化玻璃
  • 超高清 | 純透明和超清晰無眩光材料
  • 抗油納米塗層 | 防指紋、防油、防污
  • 防刮防碎 | 強度是普通玻璃的兩倍
  • 靈敏度高 | 具良好的觸控回饋,精準及無延遲的使用感覺
  • 無氣泡 | 零殘留粘合劑

Model: Momax PZM3YT GLASSPRO+ Tesla Model 3/Y 0.33mm Glass Sticker


Product introduction

  • Dimension: 15”
  • Weight: 7.8g
  • Compatible model: Tesla Model 3/Y
  • Made with 9H hardness heat tempered glass, which offers break resistance and
  • shock protection. The oleophobic and lyophobic coated layer resists against fingerprints, oil, and other contaminants. Super clarity and maximum touchscreen sensitivity is ensured.
  • Designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y GPS Monitor
  • Premium 9H tempered glass
  • HD ultra-clearness | Pure transparency and perfect clarity glare-free material
  • Oleophobic nano coating | Fingerprint, oil and smudge resistant
  • Anti-scratch & anti-shatter | Twice the strength of normal glass
  • High touch sensitivity | High-responsiveness guarantee hassle-free access and no delay
  • Bubble free | Zero-residue adhesive

Momax PZM3YT GLASSPRO+ Tesla Model 3/Y 0.33mm玻璃貼 - Tesla Model 3/Y 0.33mm Glass



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