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型號: Momax PB03 iPowerstone Mini 便攜儲能電源(40000mAh)



  • 40000MAH超大電量,IP67防水防塵,USB使用專用防水器件,適合各種戶外場景使用,2A2C設計大容量大輸出,電芯端設置溫控開關,確保安全使用
  • 透明設計 | 延續Momax工業美學設計
  • 100W快速充電 | 可為手提電腦等大功率設備使用
  • 2C2A的配置 | 同時為多達4件產品充電
  • 內置LED照明 | 戶外照明使用,亦可當氛圍燈使用
  • TFT多功能顯示屏 | 即時狀態一目了然
  • USB-C1輸入: PD100W
  • USB-C2輸入: PD30W
  • USB-C1+C2輸入: PD65W + PD 30W
  • USB-C1輸出: PD100W
  • USB-C2輸出: PD30W
  • USB-A1/A2輸出: QC18W
  • USB-C1+C2輸出: PD60W + PD30W
  • USB-C1+A1/A2 輸出: PD60W + QC18W
  • USB-C2+A1/A2輸出: PD30W + QC18W
  • USB-A1+A2輸出: 5V3A
  • USB-C1+C2+A1/A2輸出: PD45W + PD30W + QC18W
  • USB-C2+A1+A2輸出: PD30W + 5V3A
  • 多口輸出: PD45W + PD30W + 5V3A
  • 尺寸: 128*63*78mm
  • 重量: 810g
  • 隨盒附有: DC21 1m 100W USB-C cable
  • 顏色: 銀色


Model: Momax PB03 iPowerstone Mini Power Station(40000mAh)


Product introduction

  • 40000mAh large capacity, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, USB uses special waterproof devices, suitable for various outdoor scenes, 2A2C design with large capacity and large output, and a temperature control switch at the battery end to ensure safe use
  • Transparent design | Continuation of Momax industrial aesthetic design
  • 100W fast charging | can be used for high-power devices such as laptops
  • 2C2A configuration | Charge up to 4 products at the same time
  • Built-in LED lighting | It can be used as outdoor lighting or as an ambient light
  • TFT multi-function display | instant status at a glance
  • USB-C1 input: PD100W
  • USB-C2 input: PD30W
  • USB-C1+C2 input: PD65W + PD 30W
  • USB-C1 output:PD100W
  • USB-C2 output: PD30W
  • USB-A1/A2 output: QC18W
  • USB-C1+C2 output: PD60W + PD30W
  • USB-C1+A1/A2 output: PD60W + QC18W
  • USB-C2+A1/A2 output: PD30W + QC18W
  • USB-A1+A2 output: 5V3A
  • USB-C1+C2+A1/A2 output: PD45W + PD30W + QC18W
  • USB-C2+A1+A2 output: PD30W + 5V3A
  • Multi-port output: PD45W + PD30W + 5V3A
  • size: 128*63*78mm
  • weight: 810g
  • Comes in the box: DC21   1m 100W USB-C cable
  • Color: Silver

Momax PB03 iPowerstone Mini 便攜儲能電源(40000mAh) - Power Station(40000m)

HK$1,098.00 一般價格


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