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型號: Momax AP12 Fresh 360 Max 神奇抽濕棒(加強版)(連烘乾座)



  • 適合您生活區域各種場景和用途的環保抽濕機

  • 白色機身,磨砂處理|輕鬆融入您的家居室內
  • 小巧精緻的圓柱形設計|方便放在衣櫃、房間等
  • 可懸掛設計|可靈活懸掛於狹小空間,提升除濕效率
  • 乾燥狀態一目了然|通過圓頂窗口檢查(橙色:工作;綠色:飽和)
  • 除濕效率高|每個循環 65ml 容量
  • 超長使用壽命|經測試相當於 >300 次使用
  • 環保設計|可回收的吸濕劑,產生零廢物
  • 插入式乾燥| 2小時干燥過程,除濕不耗電
  • 尺寸: 70 x 70 x 196mm(抽濕棒), 107 x 107 x 100mm (抽濕棒連烘乾底座)
  • 重量: 783g±20g
  • 輸入: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • 力量: 45W
  • 乾燥劑類型: 二氧化矽
  • 工作能力: 65ml
  • 乾燥時間: 2 小時
  • 循環次數(除濕棒): 300+ 次
  • 使用期限: 3年(乾燥劑)

Model: Momax AP12 Fresh 360 Max Reusable Moist Dehumidifier


Product introduction

  • Environmental friendly dehumidifier that fits various scenes and usages in your living area

  • White body with frosted finishing | Easy to blend in your home interior

  • Small and exquisite cylindrical design | Convenient to put in closet, room etc.
  • Hangable design | It can be flexibly hung in narrow spaces to enhance dehumidifying efficiency
  • Dryness status in a glance | Check via the dome window (orange: working; green: saturated)
  • Great dehumidifying efficiency | 65ml capacity per cycle 
  • Extra-long lifetime | Tested for the equivalent of >300 times use
  • Eco-friendly design | Recyclable moisture absorber that produces zero waste
  • Plug-in drying | 2hrs drying process, no power consumption during dehumidification
  • Size: 70 x 70 x 196mm(Dehumidifying stick), 107 x 107 x 100mm(Dehumidifying stick plus the dryer base)
  • Weight: 783g±20g
  • Input: 783g±20g
  • Power: 45W
  • Desiccant type: Silicone dioxide
  • Working capacity: 65ml
  • Drying time: 2 hours
  • No. of cycles(dehumidifying stick): 300+ times
  • Period of use: 300+ times

Momax AP12 Fresh 360 Max 神奇抽濕棒(加強版)(連烘乾座) - Reusable Moist Dehumidifier

HK$368.00 一般價格


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