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型號: Kärcher 德國高潔 FC 7 無線地板清洗機


FC 7 無線地板清洗機只需一步即可收集乾濕的日常污垢。擦拭前不再需要吸塵,節省一半時間**。其反向旋轉的四輥技術可實現快速有效的清潔,去除污垢,同時平穩地滑過地板。借助頭髮過濾器,即使是頭髮也可以毫無問題地掃起。同時也能清潔邊緣。與傳統拖把相比,地板清潔度高達 20%*。拖著水桶四處走動的麻煩已經成為過去,因為地板清洗機同時具有淡水箱和污水箱。因此不再與污垢接觸,因為滾筒不斷被淡水浸濕,髒水直接進入污水箱。滾輪的水量和旋轉速度可以在兩種清潔模式下進行調節,以匹配地板。還有一個增強功能可以對抗頑固的污垢。電池運行時間為 45 分鐘,足以清潔約 135 平方米的區域。該機器適用於所有硬地板(瓷磚、鑲木地板、層壓板、PVC、乙烯基)。



  • 電力供應 (伏特) (PH/伏特/赫茲): 1 / 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
  • 每次電池充電的區域性能 (平方米): 135
  • 清水槽容量 (公升) (毫升): 400
  • 污水槽容量 (公升) (毫升): 200
  • 滾筒工作寬度 (毫米): 300
  • 地板快乾時間 (分鐘): 2
  • 電池電壓 (伏特): 25
  • 電池續航時間 (分鐘): 45
  • 電池充電時間 (h): 4
  • 電池類型: 鋰電池
  • 淨重 (不含配件) (千克): 4.3
  • 包括包裝的重量 (千克): 8.2
  • 尺寸(長x寬x高) (毫米): 310 x 230 x 1210

* 在“擦拭”測試類別中,Kärcher 地板清洗機的清潔性能比帶有地布覆蓋物的傳統拖把高 20%。 指清潔效率、污垢拾取和邊緣清潔的平均測試結果。 ** FC 7 Cordless 可讓您節省多達 50% 的時間,因為只需一步即可清除硬地板上的常見家居污垢,無需在擦拭前先吸塵。



  • 滾筒旋轉和水量可調
  • 雙水箱系統
  • 2個通用滾筒,黃色
  • 清潔劑, 地板清潔通用清潔劑 RM 536, 30 毫升
  • 清潔和存放座
  • 電池充電器


Model: Kärcher FC 7 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner (YELLOW) *GB


The FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner collects both dry and wet everyday dirt in a single step. There is no longer any need to vacuum before wiping, which saves half the time**. Its four-roller technology with counter rotation enables fast and effective cleaning with high dirt removal while smoothly gliding across floors. Even hair is picked up without any problems thanks to the hair filter. Floors are up to 20% cleaner than with conventional mops* – right up to the edge. The hassle of dragging a bucket around is a thing of the past, as the floor cleaner has both a fresh water tank and a waste water tank. There is also no longer any contact with dirt, as the rollers are constantly wetted with fresh water and the dirty water ends up directly in the waste water tank. The water volume and speed of rotation of the rollers can be adjusted in two cleaning modes to match the floor. There is also a boost function to combat stubborn dirt. The battery run time is 45 minutes, enough to clean an area of around 135 m². The device is suitable for all hard floors (tiles, parquet, laminate, PVC, vinyl).


Product introduction

  • Current type (Ph/V/Hz): 1 / 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
  • Area performance per battery charge (m²): approx. 135
  • Tank capacity, fresh water (ml): 400
  • Tank capacity, dirty water (ml): 200
  • Roller working width (mm): 300
  • Floor drying time (min): approx. 2
  • Battery voltage (V): 25
  • Battery run time (min): approx. 45
  • Battery charge time (h): 4
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight without accessories (kg): 4.3
  • Weight incl. packaging (kg): 8.2
  • Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 310 x 230 x 1210

* The Kärcher floor cleaner achieves up to 20% better cleaning performance than a traditional mop with floor cloth cover in the "Wiping" test category. Refers to average test results for cleaning efficiency, dirt pick-up and edge cleaning. ** The FC 7 Cordless allows you to achieve a time saving of up to 50% since common household dirt can be removed from hard floors in a single step, doing away with the need to vacuum before wiping.


Product content

  • Roller rotation and volume of water can be adjusted
  • 2-tank system
  • 2 pairs of universal rollers, yellow
  • Detergents, Floor cleaning Universal RM 536, 30 ml
  • Cleaning and parking station
  • Battery charger

Kärcher 德國高潔 FC 7 無線地板清洗機 - Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner (YELLOW) *GB



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