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深層潔淨纖維,自由活動無阻:SE 3-18 緊湊式噴霧吸塵機能徹底、不留殘餘地清潔紡織面料。由於其緊湊的設計,該裝置不僅方便攜帶,還可以在附近沒有電源插座的情況下使用,這歸功於 18 V Kärcher電池。這使得車輛內部在短短 12 至 24 分鐘內就能得到清潔。因此,您可以立即從汽車座椅、地墊和車尾箱,以及花園家具和軟墊中清除污垢,其功效與我們的有線噴霧吸塵機一樣強大。長而靈活的吸力軟管內置清潔劑軟管,也保證在難以到達的地方具有很大的便利性和靈活性。即使在清潔後,噴霧吸塵機也會以其衛生沖洗功能給您留下深刻印象,該功能可將設備和軟管中的污垢清除,從而防止細菌和異味的產生。完全符合「清潔車輛,清潔清潔設備」的口號。


Fibre-deep cleaning with maximum freedom of movement: The SE 3-18 Compact spray extraction cleaner cleans textile surfaces thoroughly and residue-free. Thanks to the compact design, the device is not only handy but can also be used when there's no power outlet nearby, due to the 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery. This allows the vehicle interior to be cleaned in just 12 to 24 minutes. You thus remove dirt from car seats, floor mats and the boot as well as garden furniture and upholstery in an instant – just as powerfully as with our corded spray extraction cleaners. The long and flexible suction hose with an inside cleaning agent hose also guarantees great convenience and flexibility, even in difficult-to-access places. Even after cleaning, the spray extraction cleaner will impress you with its hygienic flush function, which removes dirt from the device and hose, and thus prevents bacteria and odour formation. Totally in line with the motto of 'clean vehicle, clean cleaning device'.


方便的 2 合 1 軟管

內置噴霧軟管,可帶來更加方便的清潔體驗。 長而靈活的吸力軟管,可方便地清潔難以到達的狹小空間。 軟管上帶有旋轉接頭,可帶來更大的自由活動度。



新水箱易於注水。 髒水箱可方便拆卸和排空,不會接觸污垢。



僅需一隻手就能輕鬆搬運,所有配件和軟管都可以直接存放在設備上。 所有附件都隨時附在設備上,您可以放心使用。



靈活,適用於狹窄或難以到達的區域。 設有實用手柄,可方便快速地移動設備。 小配件儲存區 方便在清潔時暫存配件。 非常適合海綿、布和其他小部件。




電池平台:18 V 電池平台

額定輸入功率 / 安培 (W):184

工作寬度 (mm) :75

新/髒水箱容量 (L):1.9 / 1.2

電壓 (V) : 18

每次充電運行時間 (分鐘) :約 12(2.5 Ah)/ 約 24(5.0 Ah)

不帶配件的重量 (kg) :3.6

包裝重量 (kg) :5.1

尺寸 (長 x 寬 x 高) (mm) :414 x 225 x 261

吸力軟管:1.9 米

軟墊噴霧吸塵嘴 :噴霧吸塵專用縫隙吸嘴

清潔劑:地毯清潔劑 RM 519,100 毫升



Convenient 2-in-1 hose

  • Inside spray hose for great cleaning convenience.
  • Long, flexible suction hose for convenient cleaning, especially in difficult-to-access and narrow spaces.
  • With swivel joint on hose for even greater freedom of movement.

2-tank system

  • Simple filling of the fresh water tank.
  • Convenient removal and emptying of the dirty water tank without any contact with dirt.

Practical accessory and hose storage

  • Easily transported with just one hand – all enclosed accessories and the hose can be directly stowed on the device.
  • All accessories are always attached to the device, so you can rely on them being there at the point of use.

Compact design.

  • Flexible, also in narrow areas or areas that are difficult to access.
  • With practical handle for fast and convenient transport of the device.

Storage area for small accessories

  • Practical for temporary storage during cleaning.
  • Perfect for sponges, cloths and other small parts.


Technical data

Battery powered device 
Battery platform18 V battery platform
Rated input power / Amps (W)184
Working width (mm)75
Tank of fresh/dirty water (l)1,9 / 1,2
Voltage (V)18
Runtime per battery charging (min)approx. 12 (2,5 Ah) / approx. 24 (5,0 Ah)
Weight without accessories (kg)3,6
Weight incl. packaging (kg)5,1
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)414 x 225 x 261


  • Suction hose: 1.9 m
  • Upholstery spray extraction nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle for spray extraction cleaning
  • Detergent: Carpet Cleaner RM 519, 100 ml
  • System Cleaning Function
  • Practical hose and accessory storage
  • Storage space for small parts
  • 2-in-1 comfort system with integrated spray and suction hose

Karcher 高潔 SE 3-18 COMPACT 無線布藝清潔機



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