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型號: Kärcher 德國高潔 K2 FOLLOW ME 無線高壓清洗機


憑藉其強大的36 V鋰離子電池和可拆卸的可折疊水箱,無線K 2 Follow Me高壓清洗機適用於廣泛的應用,並且不依賴於電源或水管連接或供水的可用性。這意味著汽車,自行車等可以隨時隨地清洗 - 無論是在家還是在外。此外,K 2 Follow Me可實現高達50 bar的高效壓力,並結合其用於各種應用的多功能附件,可提供完美的清潔效果。此外,Follow Me概念還可以防止因不必要的設備重新定位而導致工作中斷。由於其緊湊的尺寸,高壓清洗機的移動性非常好,可以輕鬆存放。



  • 電力供應(伏特): 36
  • 壓力(巴): 13 - 60
  • 水流量(升/小時): 220 - 250
  • 入口溫度(攝氏度): 40
  • 淨重(不含配件)(千克): 7
  • 包括包裝的重量(千克): 8.703
  • 尺寸(長x寬x高)(毫米): 408 x 325.5 x 360



  • 1倍速噴射管
  • 高壓喉管, 3 米, 橡膠
  • 可拆卸清潔劑水箱
  • 彈性儲物帶


Model: Kärcher K2 FOLLOW ME Cordless Lithium High Pressure Washer


With its powerful 36 V Li-Ion battery and detachable water tank, the cordless K 2 Follow Me is suitable for a wide range of applications and is not dependent on the availability of a power or water hose connection, or a water supply. This means that cars, bicycles, steps, etc. can be cleaned anywhere at any time – whether at home or away. In addition, the K 2 Follow Me achieves high and efficient pressure of up to 50 bar and, in combination with its versatile accessories for any application, delivers perfect cleaning results. Furthermore, the Follow Me concept prevents working interruptions caused by unnecessary repositioning of the device. And thanks to its compact dimensions, the pressure washer is extremely mobile and can be stored easily.


Product introduction

  • Current type(V): 36
  • Pressure(bar): 13 - 60
  • Flow rate(l/h): 220 - 250
  • Inlet temperature(°C): max. 40
  • Weight without accessories(kg): 7
  • Weight incl. packaging(kg): 8.7
  • Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 408 x 326 x 360


Product content

  • One-jet spray lance
  • High-pressure hose, 3 m, Rubber
  • Removable cleaning agent tank
  • Elastic storage strap

Kärcher 德國高潔 K2 FOLLOW ME無線高壓清洗機 - Cordless Lithium High Pressure Washer

HK$2,900.00 一般價格


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