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型號: HiKOKI 高壹 (HITACHI日立 ) AW150 高壓清洗機



  • 電壓: 單相AC 50/60Hz, 220V-240V
  • 功率: 2,000W
  • 最大排放壓力: 11.0MPa(1MPa:10.2 kgf / cm2)
  • 最大允許壓力: 15.0MPa/2175psi/150bar
  • 最大進料壓力: 0.7MPa
  • 最大排水量: 6.67L / min
  • 允許溫度: 40°C或更低
  • 尺寸(長x寬x深): 425 x 345 x 905mm
  • 重量: 12.4kg(不包括電源線,重量包括扳機槍,高壓軟管,可變噴嘴,供水接頭和附件支架。)


產品內容: 扳機槍,高壓軟管(10m),可變噴嘴(帶壓力調節器),渦輪噴嘴,洗滌劑瓶(存放在裝置內),一觸式接頭(黑色)(用於過濾器軟管),水 進料接頭,噴嘴清潔銷,噴槍支架,軟管手柄,噴槍支架(帶1個連接螺絲)


Model: HiKOKI (HITACHI) AW150 High Pressure Washer



  • Voltage: Single-phase AC 50/60Hz, 220V to 240V
  • Power: 2,000W
  • Max. Discharge Pressure: 11.0MPa (1MPa: 10.2 kgf/cm2)
  • Max Permissible Pressure: 15.0MPa/2175psi/150bar
  • Max Feed Pressure: 0.7MPa
  • Max Water Discharge: 6.67L/min
  • Permissible Temperature: 40°C or less
  • Dimensions(L x W x D): 425 x 345 x 905mm
  • Weight: 12.4kg( Excluding the power cord, weight consists of trigger gun, high-pressure hose, variable nozzle, water feed connector and accessory holder)


Product content

Trigger gun, High-pressure hose (10m), Variable nozzle (with pressure adjuster), Turbo nozzle, Detergent bottle (stored inside the unit), One-touch joint (black) (For use with the strainer hose), Water feed connector, Nozzle cleaner pin, Gun holder, Hose handle, Gun support (with 1 attachment screw)

HiKOKI 高壹 (HITACHI日立 ) AW150 高壓清洗機 - HiKOKI (HITACHI) AW150 High Pressure Washer



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