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型號: Electrolux 伊萊克斯 FA31-202GY Flow A3 立體氣旋空氣清新機


360° 三重過濾

  • 360° 三重過濾,包括前置濾網、HEPA13抗菌過濾網及活性碳,有效去除99.98%以上小至0.3微米的懸浮微粒*及消滅99.99%細菌**,而獨特的高效活性碳,吸收並過濾室內的異味及甲醛、TVOC等有害氣體#。
  • *由第三方實驗室根據美國標準 STP0014 Rev 09測試所得。
  • **通過中國MA ilac-MRA CNAS國家級實驗室廣東省微生物分析檢測中心認證。
  • #由第三方實驗室根據JEM1467標準測試。



  • 360º立體氣旋科技產生超強勁循環力道,以螺旋狀氣流深入家 中每個角落。小巧的機身,每小時輸出203立方米的潔淨空氣(CADR)*,短時間內即可迅速淨化室內空氣,適用於280呎的房間。
  • *由第三方實驗室根據日本JEM1467標準測試。


空氣品質 精準探測

  • 配備空氣品質偵測系統,能即時精準地感測室內空氣的懸浮微粒的濃度,並即時自動調整過濾效能,為您提供最佳的淨化效果。


安靜工作 安心睡眠

  • 伊萊克斯Flow A3於睡眠模式下,噪音低至26dB,讓您可心安心呼吸潔淨空氣,同時享受寧靜睡眠。


空氣品質 一目了然

  • 輕觸式的調控面版,配合空氣品質偵測系統,以不同的顏色顯示室內空氣質素,讓您一目了然。



  • 調控面版: 輕觸式滑動
  • 電壓(伏特): 220
  • 頻率(赫兹): 50/60
  • 層過濾系統: 3層過濾系統(前置濾網, HEPA13抗菌濾網, 高效活性碳層)
  • 尺寸(毫米): 240(深度) x 380(高度) x 240(闊度)
  • 顏色: 淺灰色
  • 淨重(kg): 2.7


Model: Electrolux FA31-202GY Flow A3 Air Purifier


Efficient and thorough filtration

  • 360° 3 stages filtration system includes pre-filter, HEPA13 filter and active carbon filter, to capture over 99.98% micro-dust (i.e. PM0.3) and eliminate up to 99.99% if bacteria by effective antibacterial agent. The Active Carbon pellets that provide exceptional absorption of odours and TVOC typically found in the home environment.
  • *Tested by third party according to US standard STP0014 Rev 09. ** Tested by Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology.
  • # Based on Japan's JEM 1467 regulations


Cover 151ft2 room 6 times per hour

  • The spiral outlet creates a robust whirl of cleaner air that circulates the air in the room efficiently and reaches within an area of 26 m2** (based on Japan's JEM 1467 regulations of air changes per hour).
  • **room size with a CADR for smoke of 203 m3 / hour and with the upward motion.


Responsive to your needs

  • The Flow A3 uses laser particle sensors to evaluate air quality and automatically adjusts fan speeds as conditions change. This means that you can enjoy cleaner air without worrying about adjusting settings.


Efficiently quiet

  • Made to fit smaller rooms, Flow A3 has a minimum noise level of just 26dB(A)*** when used in Sleep Mode function.


Intuitive and accessible

  • The Flow A3's simple and intuitive touch UI makes interaction easy to adjust air quality levels you desire.


Product introduction

  • Display Type: Touch UI
  • Voltage(V): 220
  • Frequency(Hz): 50/60
  • Filter: 3 (Pre, Anti-bacterial HEPA, Activated Carbon)
  • Dimensions(mm): 240(Depth) x 380(Height) x 240(Width)
  • Main Color: Light Grey
  • Net Weight(kg): 2.7

Electrolux 伊萊克斯 FA31-202GY Flow A3 立體氣旋空氣清新機 - Air Purifier

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