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型號: 3M™ PN8899 引擎表面清潔劑 (16.5OZ)



  • 快速起漬配方,有效清除引擎表面之油脂、塵垢與污漬
  • 不損大部份車頭蓋底部之橡膠或塑膠部件
  • 速效配方可快速去除砂礫和污垢
  • 噴射方便

3M™引擎表面清潔劑可快速輕鬆地溶解和清潔發動機上的污垢和油脂。 在傳動係部件和大多數橡膠和塑料部件都能安全使用


Model: 3M™ PN8899 Foam Engine Degreaser (16.5OZ)



  • Powerful cleaner removes grease, grime and dirt
  • Degreaser is safe for most under-the-hood rubber and plastic parts
  • Fast acting formula removes grit and grime quickly
  • Aerosol product offers spray-on convenience
  • Cleaner works without any scrubbing - simply spray and rinse

3M™ Foaming Engine Degreaser quickly and easily dissolves and cleans dirt and grease from engines. Our degreaser is safe on drive train components and most rubber and plastic parts. Use this cleaner to make it more pleasant and easier to work in the engine compartment of vehicles.

Gets Rid of Grease and Gunk
As time passes, grit, grease and grime accumulate within the engine compartment of vehicles. The easiest way to get rid of all this gunk is to spray on our 3M™ Foaming Engine Degreaser. It goes to work quickly to loosen the sticky, greasy accumulation that coats engine components. Shortly after the application, you can simply spray down the engine compartment with water, no scrubbing is needed.

Good Looks - Better Performance
A clean engine is nicer to look at, but having a clean engine is more important than just for appearance sake. Dirty engines can make it more challenging to find problems and do routine maintenance. The greasy layer can mask problems. Grease build-up can also reduce performance by coating moving parts. 3M™ Foaming Engine Degreaser washes it all away without getting your hands dirty.

3M Science Offers a Product That Tough But Gentle
We used principles of science to develop a product that is tough when it comes to cutting through and loosening greasy, oily film; but it is gentle on most plastic and rubber components. Our science targets what you want gone, without harming what's essential for a properly functioning vehicle. 

3M™ PN8899 引擎表面清潔劑 (16.5OZ) - 3M™ PN8899 Foam Engine Degreaser (16.5OZ)



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