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型號: 3M™ PN8888 汽車玻璃清潔劑 (19安士)



  • 防霧配方
  • 快速清潔玻璃油膜、污垢及鳥糞
  • 可垂直使用
  • 有效減少水痕產生及防止水撥跳動
  • 3M™汽車玻璃清潔劑可恢復玻璃透明度,令汽車玻璃更光亮。 特殊配方可抵抗所有玻璃表面的污漬,包括窗戶、擋風玻璃、後視鏡和側面玻璃。 適用於塑料、鉻和金屬,溫和安全。 氣溶膠可以使玻璃清潔劑更方便使用


Model: 3M™ PN8888 Glass Cleaner (19oz)



  • A multi-purpose spray lubricant that provides long-lasting protection on metal surfaces from rust and corrosion
  • Product solves recurring friction on parts that rub together
  • Can comes with an extension tube to target spray into tight locations
  • Reduce rubbing effects and friction


3M™ Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant is an ideal choice for general or all-around use. Our lubricant provides characteristics of both a lubricating and penetrating oil. It provides a demoisturizing coating to help protect metal surfaces from corrosion. This spray-on lubricant produces a thin bodied, transparent rust preventive coating that is low profile yet highly protective.

Versatile, Spray-on Lubricant

3M™ Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant is a specialized, long lasting formula that can be applied to almost anything on a vehicle to reduce rubbing effects and friction. It also protects metal from rust and corrosion. Our product offers potentially thousands of uses. The penetrant is commonly used to loosen metal parts that have fused together and are stuck to one another, usually as a result of rust or corrosion. It can even be used as a cleaner, such as removing grease and grime, and to silence squeaky parts. Electricians commonly use this product to displace water and to remove the moisture from electrical systems.

Automotive Uses
Our product is commonly used on rusted or corroded metal parts, door locks, truck lids, brake cables, rubber moldings, hood hinges, car door hinges, adhesive removal, bolts and screws. Specialty uses include lubricating convertible top zippers and loosening corrosion on battery cables.

Garage Uses
Our product is often used to remove and prevent rust on tools, loosen hinges and doors, as well as lubricate rusted screws, bolts and nuts. It may also be used to lubricate lawn mower control cables.

3M™ PN8888 汽車玻璃清潔劑 (19安士) - 3M™ PN8888 Glass Cleaner (19oz)



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