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型號: 3M™ PN8582 門邊修補膠紙 (36 x 0.5 吋)



  • 門邊保護膠紙高效防禦路面行駛帶來的損害, 如石頭花痕等
  • 高清透明不顯著, 輕鬆移除不留痕跡
  • 3M™門邊修補膠紙可保護門的邊緣免受磨損、晃動、切屑、環境腐蝕和其他輕微損壞。 易於塗抹的薄膜無需安裝工具, 輕易讓您的汽車煥然一新,套裝包括兩個門邊防護裝置


Model: 3M™ PN8582 Door Edge Protection Film (36 x 0.5 inch)



  • Formulated specifically for use with ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber (EPDM)
  • Forms flexible, waterproof bond
  • Easy to brush and spread right from the tube, saving time
  • Resists oil, grease and solvents for permanent repairs
  • Bonds to a range of surfaces including vinyl, gaskets, metal, fabrics and rubber
  • 3M™ Black Weatherstrip Adhesive is designed specifically to bond EPDM rubber, excellent for the rubber seals on car doors, trunks and sun roofs. This flexible, high-strength adhesive helps ensure a tight waterproof seal, and delivers fast strength build-up. It works right out of the tube, holding rubber parts such as weatherstripping in place and resisting oil, grease and solvents.
  • A Durable Bond Where it Matters Most
  • Preferred by auto professionals for decades, our 3M™ Black Weatherstrip Adhesive was developed by 3M to bond with weatherstripping and other rubber parts around doors, trunks, T-tops and sun roofs . This adhesive is designed specifically to bond ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber (EPDM), the material most commonly used in automotive weatherstripping. It also bonds permanently to a large variety of surfaces including rubber, fabrics, gaskets, seals and metal. The weatherstripping adhesive is very easy to use. Simply squeeze it right from the tube, easily brush and spread as needed on each surface, and let it cure for up to 24 hours. The adhesive remains flexible, yet it resists nearly any environmental condition you’re likely to encounter in your vehicle
  • 3M™ Black Weatherstrip Adhesive can also be used for holding vinyl headliners and side panels in place. It applies most effectively when used with 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner 08984 or 3M™ Gasket Prep and Parts Cleaner 08901
  • The Science of Better Vehicle Care from 3M
  • 3M has been developing new ways that the science behind adhesive technology can apply to the lives of automotive enthusiasts like you. Our 3M™ Black Weatherstrip Adhesive is a great example – decades of knowledge in a product that specifically delivers better results, and helps you get the most enjoyment and value from the vehicles you own.

3M™ PN8582 門邊修補膠紙 (36 x 0.5 吋) - Door Edge Protection Film (36 x 0.5 inch)



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