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型號: 3M™ PN39527 鍍鉻金屬拋光劑 (10OZ)



  • 有效去除鉻、不鏽鋼及其他汽車金屬(如黃銅、青銅或紅銅)表面的生鏽、氧化、腐蝕及暗啞
  • 回復車上金屬的光澤及新淨,去除斑點
  • 可用於車輪、車身及保險槓



Model: 3M™ PN39527 Chrome and Metal Polish (10OZ)



  • Provides an ultimate deep gloss finish to paint
  • Synthetic polymers bond to the paint surface providing durable paint protection
  • Easily applied with white foam pad and an orbital sander or polisher
  • Works on plastic lenses such as headlights
  • Recommended for wheels, trim and bumpers

Our 3M™ Synthetic Wax Protectant is formulated to provide a deep, long-lasting gloss finish to your vehicles’ painted metal surfaces. Unlike traditional auto wax, its synthetic polymers chemically bond to your vehicle’s painted surface – the enhanced shine holds up for as long as six months. This easy-to-use wax protectant applies quickly and smoothly by hand or with an orbital polisher.

A Deep Gloss Finish That Lasts
Sometimes it seems the typical auto wax can wear off almost as fast as it goes on. Not our 3M™ Performance Finish Synthetic Wax: it contains scientifically developed synthetic polymers that form a chemical bond with your vehicles’ surfaces, creating a protective layer that resists moisture for as long as six months. This durable protectant also brings out the depth and color of the vehicle paint. 

The Science of Car Care from 3M
Hard science has never been so easy to use. 3M developed our surface cleaners, polishes and waxes specifically to help you get most enjoyment and value from the vehicles you own. Our 3M™ Synthetic Wax Protectant is another great example of how 3M applies science to life – and makes your life easier when it comes to making your vehicle look its best. 

3M™ PN39527 鍍鉻金屬拋光劑 (10OZ) - Chrome and Metal Polish (10OZ)



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