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型號: 3M™ PN39040 皮革及塑膠清潔光亮劑 (16OZ)



  • 適用於清潔所有天然及人造皮革、汽車儀表板、軚盤及車門飾板
  • 能深入呵護皮革回復天然亮澤

3M™皮革及塑膠清潔光亮劑可深層清潔所有乙烯基、皮革、橡膠和塑料表面的污垢,並去除損害汽車座椅,扶手,飾板和其他內飾部件的殘留物和沈積物。 其深度清潔的功能,使車輛內部看起來更新淨。


Model:3M™ PN39040 Leather and Vinyl Restorer (16OZ)



  • Renews the appearance and feel of leather and vinyl
  • Dual-purpose product cleans and conditions
  • Lemon scent freshens car interiors
  • Easy-to-use formula
  • Spray On, Wipe Off

3M™ Leather and Vinyl Restorer deep cleans dirt and grime from all vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic surfaces. It wipes away residue and deposits that tarnish the appearance of car seats, arm rests, trim and other interior components. It deep cleans so that the interior of your vehicle looks, feels and smells like new.

Clean and Condition

Over time, dirt and grime builds up on seats, arm rests and other surfaces in a car. But now it's easy to clean away that film and residue with 3M™ Leather and Vinyl Restorer. It offers deep-cleaning action to rid leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces of dirt and grime. In addition to cleaning surfaces, our restoration product also conditions to bring luster back to leather and vinyl.

Refresh the Interior or Your Car
Our product softens and loosens stubborn deposits clinging on the surface, while conditioning oils help to keep the material, soft, supple and hydrated. Our leather and vinyl restorer is enriched to give vinyl and leather a lustrous appearance and feel. It will feel soft to the touch, and freshens the interior of your car by leaving an invigorating lemon scent.

One Product, Two Jobs
Best of all, you can clean and condition in one step with a single product! There is no need to buy two separate products for cleaning and conditioning. Just one product with one application does both, potentially saving you time and money.

Directions for Use:
Spray onto a 3M™ Microfiber Detail Cloth (PN 39016) or a clean, soft, cotton terry cloth towel.
Wipe surface using enough product to achieve a uniform appearance after wiping.

3M™ PN39040 皮革及塑膠清潔光亮劑 (16OZ) - Leather and Vinyl Restorer (16OZ)



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