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型號: 3M™ PN39036 輪胎及車輪清潔劑 (16OZ)



  • 高酸鹼值(PH=12)之強力去污配方, 能去除鋼圈、輪胎之重油脂污垢、刹車粉而不傷材質

3M™輪胎及車輪清潔劑經過精心配製,只需一個簡單步驟便可輕鬆完成清潔輪胎和輪子程序。 此產品可以消除道路上最頑固的污垢 – 剎車粉塵、路面焦油、油脂及污垢等。 只需簡單地拉動噴霧扳機,再輕輕塗抹,即可清除輪胎側壁上的磨損,並將輪子拋光至全新一樣,回復亮澤。


Model: 3M™ PN39036 Wheel and Tire Cleaner (16OZ)



  • General purpose paint masking tape for countless applications
  • Sticks to a variety of surfaces including paper, fiberboard, glass, rubber, plastic, and metal
  • Crepe paper backing is hand tearable
  • Unwinds smoothly for easy to control application and removal
  • Dependable for use in temperatures up to 250°F/ 121°C for 30 minutes

3M™ Automotive Masking Tape sticks and holds to a variety surfaces such as paper, fiberboard, glass, rubber, plastic and metal and removes cleanly with no residue. Our general purpose masking tape may be used for holding, bundling, sealing, general paint masking and a vast number of other jobs where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed. Economical tape removes cleanly with no residue.

Countless Uses for Automotive Repair and Maintenance
3M™ Automotive Masking Tape is designed for general purpose automotive projects on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Produced with 3M adhesive technology, this brown crepe-backed auto paint masking tape has medium adhesion and resists lifting and curling on a variety of surfaces including moldings, plastic, glass, metal, rubber and painted surfaces. This tape also removes cleanly from automotive surfaces. Application temperatures of 60 to 90°F are recommended, and the tape is heat resistant up to 250°F for up to 30 minutes. This tape is not recommended for extended outdoor exposure.

A Versatile Tape with Many Uses
In addition to automotive masking applications, use our tape for general indoor applications such as light-to-medium duty bundling, wrapping electrical cords and sealing boxes. Write on it to create temporary labels, post signs, or mark boundaries; and when the job is done, remove it without unwanted tearing or slivering. This versatile tape unwinds smoothly from the roll for good control and tears easily by hand. 

Benefits of Masking Tape
Masking tape was developed specifically to help protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, provide clean paint lines and remove easily and cleanly when finished. Our masking tape adheres well, resists solvents or water from the paint and removes cleanly without damaging the surface. The crepe paper backing can conform to curved and irregular surfaces. The tape hand tears for tool-free applications.

How to Judge a Good Masking Tape
A masking tape should specify what surfaces it will stick to and the interval over which it will remove cleanly. A very thin or poorly manufactured tape may demonstrate splintering or shredding, either coming off the roll or when being removed after use. This classic crepe paper masking tape is a light tan color for general purpose applications.


3M™ PN39036 輪胎及車輪清潔劑 (16OZ) - Wheel and Tire Cleaner (16OZ)



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