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型號: 3M™ PN39030 超強效能拋光蠟 (16OZ)



  • 高防水性能抵禦多次車身清洗而保持特久光亮效果。

3M™的配方可為車輛的塗漆金屬表面提供持久的光澤度,可簡單配合人手或拋光機使用。與傳統的車蠟不同,它的合成聚合物與車輛的塗漆表面發生化學作用 – 可維持高亮澤度長達六個月。


Model:3M™ PN39030 Synthetic Wax Protectant (16OZ)



  • Car soap cuts through dirt with ease
  • Special formula won't harm wax layers
  • Soap reveals true beauty of cars by stripping away residue
  • Formula is body shop safe
  • Concentrated soap mixes one part to 100 parts water

3M™ Auto Care Car Wash Soap safely removes dirt and grime without removing wax protection. Our soap quickly and easily cuts through residue to make vehicles look clean once again. But it won't harm the protective layer of wax that shield polishes, keeping car sparkling and shiny out on the road. A quick cleaning with our soap will restore pride of ownership.

Cuts Through Grit and Grime with Ease
3M™ Auto Care Car Wash Soap is a highly concentrated liquid soap that develops heavy bodied, long-lasting suds to quickly remove dirt and road film from exterior automotive surfaces. This concentrated formula goes a long way, with one part of soap to 100 parts of water. Our soap is body shop safe,  making it a perfect choice for your automotive wash supplies.

Tough on Grime, Easy on Protective Waxes
We made this soap to be gentle on wax layers for multiple reason. First of all, eroding the wax layer leaves polishes exposed to deterioration, which can rob a vehicle of its sparkle. Our soap is formulated to help preserve the beauty of your car by leaving the wax layer in place. Second, waxing a car involves labor. We want the wax layer to be preserved to save auto owners and body shop technicians the extra labor of re-waxing the car sooner than would otherwise be needed.

Additional Uses
Our versatile product may be used as a lubricant for 3M™ Perfect-It™ III Cleaner Clay 38070. It is also excellent for wet sanding lubricant.

3M™ PN39030 超強效能拋光蠟 (16OZ) - Synthetic Wax Protectant (16OZ)



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