3M™ PN39006 三合一水晶蠟 (16 OZ)



  • 能一次過清潔、拋光、保護車身
  • 解決車身表漆暗啞或已氧化的部位
  • 回復高亮度光澤保護表層




3M™ PN39006 One Step Cleaner Wax (16 OZ)



  • 100% silicone lubricant
  • Safe for use on all the rubber and plastic parts of your vehicle
  • Can be applied in a thick film for long term performance in severe conditions
  • Also applies as a thin film for near-invisible protection
  • Excellent dielectric properties make it suitable for use on electronic parts
  • Screw-top bottle features built-in brush for easy and consistent application

Use 3M™ Silicone Paste for the many areas of your vehicle that require long-term protection from the harsh conditions of environmental exposure. This non-hardening, water-resistant paste can be applied heavily to help seal out contaminants and weather. It can also be spread thin for nearly invisible lubrication and protection.


3M™ PN39006 三合一水晶蠟 (16 OZ) - 3M™ PN39006 One Step Cleaner Wax (16 OZ)



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