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型號: 3M™ 4520 工作防護衣 (加大碼)



  • 尺寸: 高(179-187cm), 胸(108-115cm)
  • 採用輕便透氣材質,散熱、提高舒適度
  • 三片式頭罩設計,穿戴舒適
  • 彈性袖口、腰部及腳踝設計,方便穿戴及活動
  • 針織袖口提高舒適度
  • 雙向拉鏈及拉鏈保護貼,提供進一步的防護
  • 抗靜電質料,減少靜電聚集,適用於電子產業
  • 不含天然乳膠,減少過敏反應
  • 3M™ 工作防護衣 4520 系列是以質輕、透氣的聚碳酸酯材質製作的拋棄式安全工作服,可對輕度液體噴濺及有害粉塵提供基本保護。
  • 3M™ 工作防護衣 4520 系列是以輕便、透氣的聚碳酸酯製作的即棄安全工作服,可對輕度液體噴濺及有害粉塵提供基本保護
  • 3M™ 4520 防護衣採用輕質,透氣聚丙烯材料製成的一次性安全工作服。它有助於提供基本屏障保護,防止液體飛濺和有害粉塵


Model: 3M™ 4520 Protective Coverall (XL Size)



  • Size: Height(179-187cm), chest(108-115cm)
  • wo-way zipper with sealable storm flap helps provide additional protection against contaminants
  • Anti-static treatment can help reduce static build-up
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex components
  • Seamless shoulders and sleeve tops offer extra strength and protection
  • Extra-roomy design in arms and legs deliver enhanced mobility
  • Recommended for use in multiple industries including general manufacturing, mining, construction, transportation and more
  • Available in collared and hooded profiles
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


Help protect your workers from certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dust while enhancing their movement and comfort with 3M™ Disposable Protective Coveralls 4520. Built for protection and designed for comfort, this protective gear features breathable back panels and an anatomical fit for enhanced wear, coverage, and comfort while working.

No-hassle fit and comfort Excellent comfort and versatility while protecting your worker's safety with our protective coveralls. Thanks to elastic at the waist, ankles, and wrists, our disposable coveralls stay comfortably in place. Stay comfortable on the job Fewer distractions mean fewer mistakes and less chance for injury on the job. Our work coveralls feature a robust, yet lightweight Spunbound Meltblown Spunbound (SMS) material. Breathable protective material helps to keep workers comfortable on the job. Equipped for versatility and value Wherever the job takes you, 3M has protective coveralls that address a variety of job demands. Your workers will appreciate that our disposable coveralls offer protection from both hazardous and non-hazardous dusts and certain light liquid splashes, so that they stay protected in a wide variety of applications and work environments.

3M™ 4520 工作防護衣(加大碼) - Protective Coverall(XL Size)



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