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型號: 3M™ 2091 P100 顆粒物過濾棉 (1對)



  • 防粉塵、霧滴、燻煙及氡氣微粒
  • 卓越的 99.97% 過濾效率符合 NIOSH P100 系列測試標準
  • 高級駐極介質 (AEM) 提供輕便、輕鬆的呼吸舒適度
  • 針對許多油基和非油基顆粒污染物的多功能保護
  • 卡口兼容性允許與許多 3M™ 半面罩和全面罩設計一起使用
  • 廣泛的應用減少了庫存需求和培訓要求


Model: 3M™ 2091 P100 Particulate Filter (1 pair)



  • Anti-dust, mist, smoke and radon particles
  • Exceptional 99.97% filter efficiency meets NIOSH P100-series test criteria
  • Advanced Electret Media (AEM) provides lightweight, easy breathing comfort
  • Versatile protection against many oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants
  • Bayonet compatibility allows use with many 3M™ half and full facepiece designs
  • Wide range of applications reduces inventory needs and training requirements


NIOSH approved for environments containing certain oil and non-oil based particles.

The 3M™ Particulate Filter 2091, P100 helps provide respiratory protection against exposure to lead, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic, and MDA. The filter is effective for concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) with half facepieces, or 50 times PEL with quantitatively fit tested full facepieces. This filter helps protect against a wide range of oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants. 3M’s Advanced Electret Media (AEM) provides a comfortable lightweight, easy-breathing combination. The 2091 is commonly used for welding, brazing, torch cutting, metal pouring and soldering. Inventory needs and training requirements of safety equipment are reduced because this filter works for many different applications. The filter is both flame and water resistant. Industries where this filter is commonly used include agriculture, construction, general manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and primary metals.
The filter works with a wide range of facepieces, including 3M™ Half and Full Facepieces 6000, 7000 and FF-400 Series. If used with 3M™ Adapter 502, the filter may also be used with 3M™ Respirator 5000 Series or 3M™ Cartridge 6000 Series. The filter is NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved for environments containing certain oil and non-oil based particles. The filter has been assigned the color code “magenta” in the NIOSH system. Passing NIOSH’s P-series test criteria, the 2091 P100 filter provides at least 99.97 percent filter efficiency against particles.
Breathing hazardous particles can pose a risk to your health. NIOSH, a Federal government regulatory agency, has tested and approved the 3M™ Particulate Filter 2091 to help reduce exposure to certain particles.

3M™ 2091 P100 顆粒物過濾棉 (1對) - Particulate Filter (1 pair)



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