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型號: 3M™ 淨呼吸™ 靜電空氣濾網 - 高效過濾 15"x96" (9808R)



  • 採用3M™Filtrete™ 靜電空氣濾網技術,能有效過濾PM2.5微粒、花粉、細菌、煙霧等致敏原。
  • 獨特技術令濾網的靜電效能持久,不易受溫度及濕度的轉變而影響其吸附效果,功效勝於一般聲稱類似的產品。
  • 濾網之纖維呈疏孔結構,確保通風量正常,但同時纖維不易四處飛揚。
  • 濾網用法簡單,適用於窗口式及分體式冷氣機、空氣清新機及抽濕機等。
  • 為確保過濾效能並避免增加機器負擔,建議每一至兩個月定期更換
  • 3M™Filtrete™空氣濾網為美國肺臟協會關注健康伙伴
  • 本型號獲美國哮喘及過敏基金的「哮喘及過敏人士適用」認證



Model: 3M™ Filtrete™ Air Cleaning Filter - Micro Allergen Reduction 15"x96" (9808R)



  • contains permanently electro-statically charged Filtrete™ fibers that attract and retain airborne micro-particles and allergens.
  • Combines the optimal balance of filtration efficiency and air flow.
  • Filtration Efficiency towards PM2.5 is 40 times higher than that of general air conditioner's plastic screen filter.
  • Applicable for window type and split type air conditioner
  • Recommend to change filter every 1-2 months to reduce air blockage
  • 3M™ Filtrete™ Air filter is Health Partner of Amercan Lung Associatoin
  • This product is certified by Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America as Asthma & Allergy Friendly™.

Powered by Filtrete™ filtration technology. Filtration efficieny towards PM2.5 is 40 times better than that of general air conditioner's plastic screen filter. This model is 15"x96" economy pack.

3M™ 淨呼吸™ 靜電空氣濾網-高效過濾15"x96"(9808R) - Micro Allergen Reduction 15"x96"(9808R)

HK$250.00 一般價格


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