3M™淨呼吸™寧靜型空氣清新機 FAP00-RS-2G



  • 直立式機身設計,節省空間,可座地或桌上放置
  • 配備3重過濾, *包括靜電空氣濾網過濾微粒、活性碳去除異味、負離子加強淨化效能。
  • 過濾直徑小至0.1微米的致敏原,包括細菌和帶流感病毒的微粒。
  • 活性碳能吸附異味及有害化學物質,如香煙、動物異味等
  • 低耗電量:25W
  • 建議使用面積:100 平方呎
  • 機身呎吋:47.6cm (高) x 19cm (長) x 19cm (闊)
  • 3M™Filtrete™空氣濾網為美國肺臟協會關注健康伙伴

3M™ Filtrete™靜電空氣濾網技術,最高能濾除空氣中99.9%以上塵埃、花粉、塵螨、寵物毛屑等致敏原與帶菌微粒,甚至空氣污染中危害呼吸道的PM2.5懸浮微粒也可高效過濾。



Filtrete™ Ultra Quiet Air Purifier FAP00-RS-2G



  • Space-saving cylindrical design
  • 3 levels of filtration: filter + remove odor + purification*
  • Proprietary electrostatically-charged filter effectively captures airborne allergen and pollutants such as PM2.5, bacteria, smoke, dust, pollen, and particles that carry virus.
  • Active carbon layer absorbs odor and chemicals, such as smoke and pets odor, etc.
  • Power consumption: 25W
  • Recommended applicable room size: 100sq ft
  • Product Dimension: 19cm x 19cm x 47.6 cm
  • 3M™ Filtrete™ Air filter is Health Partner of Amercan Lung Associatoin

Powered by Filtrete™ filtration technology. Filters up to 99.9% of airborne allergens such as dust, pollen, dust mite, pet danders, particles that carry bacteria, and PM 2.5.

3M™淨呼吸™寧靜型空氣清新機 FAP00-RS-2G

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