3M™ FAPF00 淨呼吸™寧靜型空氣清新機專用濾網



  • 內含FAP00-RS-2G空氣清新機專用之靜電濾網一片 (含活性碳)
  • 採用3M™Filtrete™ 靜電空氣濾網技術,能有效過濾PM2.5微粒、花粉、細菌、煙霧等致敏原。
  • 獨特技術令濾網的靜電效能持久,不易受溫度及濕度的轉變而影響其吸附效果,功效勝於一般聲稱類似的產品。
  • 活性碳能吸附異味及有害化學物質,如香煙、動物異味等
  • 替換濾網可連續使用2,160個小時, 以平均一天使用12小時, 約可使用6個月! 建議定期更換以維持最佳過濾效率。
  • 靜電濾網材料為3M美國原裝進口

3M™ Filtrete™靜電空氣濾網技術,最高能濾除空氣中99.9%以上塵埃、花粉、塵螨、寵物毛屑等致敏原與帶菌微粒,甚至空氣污染中危害呼吸道的PM2.5懸浮微粒也可高效過濾。

適用機種:3M™淨呼吸™寧靜型空氣清新機 FAP00-RS-2G


3M™ FAPF00 Filtrete™ Ultra Quiet Air Purifier Replacement Filter



  • Contains 1 replacement filter for Ultra Quiet Air Purifier FAP00-RS-2G
  • Proprietary electrostatically-charged filter effectively captures airborne allergen and pollutants such as PM2.5, bacteria, smoke, dust, pollen, and particles that carry virus.
  • Active carbon layer absorbs odor and chemicals, such as smoke and pets odor, etc.
  • Filter should be changed after approximately 2160 hours of continuous use. For example, if the air purifier operates for 12 hours each day, the filter can last for 6 months. Depending upon the conditions in your home, the filter may need to be changed more frequently.
  • Filter media is manufactured in United States.

Powered by Filtrete™ filtration technology. Filters up to 99.9% of airborne allergens such as dust, pollen, dust mite, pet danders, particles that carry bacteria, and PM 2.5.

Model: FAPF00
Replacement filter for Ultra Quiet Air Purifier FAP00-RS-2G

3M™ FAPF00 淨呼吸™寧靜型空氣清新機專用濾網 - FAPF00 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier Replacement Filter