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型號: 美國龜牌 TWA-184 極致細密絨毛車軨刷 6 x 6 x 48 cm



  • 專為清潔車軨而設計
  • 也可用於清潔格柵、車輪合金車軨、車門、發動機區域和其他狹窄點
  • 不像往常一般粗糙的塑料刷毛,而是使用長而粗的超細纖維刷毛
  • 可以幫助您更快、更安全、更有效地清潔汽車上的合金、鋼到鉻合金輪殼
  • 不含鐵或硬線原件,因此沒有劃傷的可能性
  • 使用 80% 聚酯和 20% 聚酰胺的優質混合物,使洗滌比以往任何時候都更高效、更安全、更有效。它有一個長刷頭和手柄,可以到達最深的輪子,總長度為 48 厘米,直徑為 8 厘米


Model: Turtle Wax TWA-184 Ultimate Crazy Plush Wooly Wheel Brush 6 x 6 x 48 cm



  • Perfectly designed for cleaning alloy wheels
  • Also can be used to clean grilles, wheel alloy wheels, doors, engine areas, and other narrow points
  • Do not use rough plastic bristles as usual, but have long, thick microfiber bristles
  • Change your car wash style with Turtle Wax Ultimate Crazy Plush Wooly Wheel Brush. These latest accessories from Turtle Wax can help you clean the alloy, steel to chrome alloy wheels on your car, faster, safer and more effective
  • These cleaning brushes do not use rough plastic bristles as usual, but have long, thick microfiber bristles. This microfiber material (long-strand) is very smooth and will not make berets on alloy wheels with delicate surfaces such as Chrome. There is no iron or wire element so there is no possibility of scratching
  • Flush the alloy wheels with pressurized water to shed rough dirt. After that, prepare a mixture of water and soap and dip the Wooly Wheel Brush before using. Dip and shake the Wooly Wheel Brush in the water to clean it during use
  • Make washing more efficient, safer, and more effective than ever with a premium blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It has a long brush head and handle so that it can reach the deepest wheel wheels with a total length of 48 cm and a diameter of 8cm

美國龜牌 TWA-184 極致細密絨毛車軨刷 6x6x48cm - Ultimate Crazy Plush Wooly Wheel Brush



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