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型號: 美國龜牌 T-930 玻璃車廂清潔劑 (680ml)



  • 美國龜牌玻璃車廂清潔劑是一款先進、高效的多功能清潔劑,適用於汽車內部的每個可清洗的表面和玻璃上
  • 只需噴灑和擦拭即可打造無痕而晶瑩剔透的效果,適用於玻璃、塑料、真皮座椅、儀表板、門板……任何地方
  • 這款理想的多用途護理噴霧,可替代擋風玻璃清潔劑、汽車觸屏清潔劑和皮革內飾清潔劑等多種產品
  • 適合清潔車廂內所有硬的表面和玻璃
  • 適用於玻璃、塑料、真皮座椅、儀表板、門板
  • 提供無痕、不油膩、零殘留的清潔,配合微纖抹布一抹有效鎖住及帶走污垢
  • 含紫外線防護劑,可保護所有清潔過的表面免受紫外線侵害

Model: Turtle Wax T-930 Dash & Glass Interior Detailer (680ml)



  • The Quick & Easy Dash & Glass Interior Detailer is an advanced, highly effective multi-purpose cleaner for every washable surface in the interior of your car or truck. When sprayed, the foaming cleaner adheres even to vertical surfaces, so it makes a great car window cleaner
  • Just spray and wipe for streak-free, sparkling-clean glass, plastics, leather seats, dashboards, door panels…wherever! This 2016 Product of the Year* is the ideal all-in-one interior detailer, replacing multiple products such as a windshield cleaner, a car touchscreen cleaner and a leather upholstery cleaner
  • One-step cleaning for all washable interior surfaces
  • Sparkling, streak-free cleaning for glass, instruments, touchscreens, plastics and more
  • Clearvue Technology delivers dust-free, non-greasy, zero-residue cleaning
  • UV protectant shields all cleaned surfaces from the sun’s rays

美國龜牌 T-930 玻璃車廂清潔劑(680ml) - Dash & Glass Interior Detailer(680ml)



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