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型號: 美國龜牌 T-79 經典洗車兼打蠟 (1.89L)



  • 60多年來,美國龜牌經典洗車兼打蠟一直是美國暢銷產品,即使使用在玻璃上,也能分解泥土和污垢,沖洗後不留痕跡
  • 高泡沫配方,可完全包裹污垢和灰塵,並將它們從車身上帶走,不損害車身飾面
  • 而在配方中加入巴西棕櫚蠟,洗滌後帶來令人驚嘆的光澤和保護
  • 效果顯著,清潔後車身閃閃發光
  • 沖洗後不留痕
  • 含有巴西棕櫚蠟,提供更強的光澤和保護


Model: Turtle Wax T-79 Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax (1.89L)



  • Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax has been a mainstay in America’s driveways for more than 60 years – and for good reason! It works consistently well to break up mud and soils and rinse spot-free, even on glass
  • The high-foaming formula surrounds dirt and road grime and lifts them off the surface of your clear coat for scratch-free cleaning
  • And, as you wash, the dual-action formula leaves a layer of carnauba car wax for incredible shine and protection. You simply wash and wax in one fast step! Then, just rinse and dry for incredible results, made incredibly easy
  • Trust the car wash and wax that has kept America’s cars clean and shiny for more than a half-century. Trust Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax
  • Clean and shine in no time
  • Spot-free rinsing
  • Formulated with carnauba wax for extra shine and protection

美國龜牌 T-79 經典洗車兼打蠟(1.89L) - Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax(1.89L)



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