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型號: 美國龜牌 T-53787 陶瓷石墨烯內籠王 (473ml)



  • 一次解決車內籠所有問題:清潔、護理、除臭和防紫外光
  • 最先進的陶瓷技術和石墨烯配方提供持久保護
  • pH平衡配方,含蘆薈、牛腳油和天然酵素,可調理和保護車內的皮革和塑膠表面
  • 通過散熱增強紫外線防護和減少車廂表面吸附灰塵

Model: Turtle Wax T-53787 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic + Graphene Inside Job (473ml)



  • Does four jobs in one – cleans, conditions, deodorizes and protects interior surfaces
  • State-of-the-art ceramic and graphene formula delivers long-lasting protection
  • Conditions leather and plastics with aloe vera and natural oils
  • Finally, you can clear your shelf of countless automotive interior cleaners, conditioners, protectants and deodorizers. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic + Graphene Inside Job interior detailer spray is here to replace them all
  • This ultimate, all-in-one car interior cleaner spray works hard to clean and protect all the washable, interior surfaces of your car – leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber and more. Natural enzymes safely remove stubborn stains, Odor-X technology neutralizes unpleasant odors and our light fragrance leaves behind a fresh scent, all in one easy pass
  • To repel dust and protect your vehicle’s interior surfaces from harsh UV rays, we’ve incorporated ceramic and graphene into the formula. This revolutionary combination boosts the clarity of surfaces and keeps your car’s interior looking great for longer
  • Lastly, aloe vera and conditioning oils treat the interior plastics and leather that take a beating on hot, sunny days, refreshing their appearance with a smooth, natural shine and returning a soft, supple touch to these surfaces

美國龜牌 T-53787 陶瓷石墨烯內籠王(473ml) - Ceramic + Graphene Inside Job(473ml)



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