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型號: 美國龜牌 T-53734 強效泡沫洗軨水及鍍膜前預備劑 (680ml)



  • 全效軨軚清潔劑可輕鬆溶解車輪上的煞車粉塵和其他馬路污染物
  • 先進的防腐蝕聚合物可使您的車輪更長時間保持清潔,可減少污垢堆積,未來清潔起來更快、更輕鬆
  • 可安全用於鉻、鋼和鋁合金車軨
  • 為輪胎上鍍膜前建議使用本產品先作清潔
  • 強效泡沫洗軨水及鍍膜前預備劑可溶解煞車粉塵、路面污垢和輕鐵沉積物,快速增亮輪圈並為輪胎鍍膜作準備。這款功能強大的泡沫車輪清潔劑採用創新、快速反應的配方,可深入輪圈和輪胎表面,在幾秒鐘內去除油脂、泥漿和頑固污垢,而且,不只令車輪看起來閃亮而嶄新,更會留下特殊的防腐蝕聚合物,可防止生銹並減少污染物積聚,從而更容易保持車輪看起來有光澤和嶄新


Model: Turtle Wax T-53734 Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep (680ml)



  • All-in-one wheel and tire cleaner removes brake dust, tough soils and light iron deposits
  • Advanced, corrosion-repellent polymers keep your wheels and tires cleaner for longer
  • Safe to use on chrome, steel and aluminum alloy wheels
  • Our Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep dissolves brake dust, road grime and light iron deposits to quickly brighten your rims and prep your tires for coatings. Featuring an innovative, fast-reacting formula, this powerful, foaming wheel cleaner penetrates deep into the surface of your wheels and tires to lift grease, mud and stubborn soils in seconds
  • And, once your wheels look shiny and new, Hyper Foam leaves behind special corrosion repellent polymers that prevent rust and reduce contaminant buildup, making it easier to keep your wheels looking shiny and new. It’s the best wheel cleaner for busy car enthusiasts looking to achieve that deep, metallic shine

美國龜牌 T-53734 強效泡沫洗軨水及鍍膜前預備劑(680ml) - Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tire Prep(680ml)



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