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型號: 美國龜牌 T-53483 高級皮革清潔及保護噴霧 (591ml)



  • 去除汽車皮革座椅和內飾上的污漬和頑固殘留物
  • 加入蘆薈和牛腳油,使皮革表面恢復如新狀態
  • 紫外線吸收劑形成保護屏障,防止皮革產生裂痕和變色
  • Odor-X 除臭技術可消除車內殘留的難聞氣味
  • Flairosol專利噴霧瓶可控制適當的用量及噴灑範圍,方便使用
  • 這款高性能皮革清潔及保護噴霧可去除皮革座椅和內飾上的頑固污漬,同時防止紫外線造成的裂痕和褪色。當中注入蘆薈和牛腳油,可保濕和軟化皮革,以保持皮革的顏色及光澤。使用符合人體工學的Flairosol專利噴霧瓶,可產生連續的細霧,均勻塗抹在皮革表面,方便使用
  • 用法:將產品搖勻。扣下扳手產生短距、中距或連續的噴霧。一邊移動將產品直接均勻地噴灑到皮革表面。使用乾淨及乾燥的微纖布擦拭皮革表面,直到皮革得到均勻的清潔和保護,最後以另一塊乾淨的微纖布輕擦後完成
  • 注意:不要在燙熱表面上使用。首先在不顯眼的地方測試產品。如果皮革顏色變深,請停止使用。不適用於絨面革、麂皮或未縫合的皮革

Model: Turtle Wax T-53483 Hybrid Solutions Leather Mist Clean. Condition. Protect (591ml)



  • Removes stains, soils and stubborn residues from car seats and upholstery
  • Aloe vera and neatsfoot oil condition and restore leather surfaces to like-new condition
  • UV absorbers create a protective shield to prevent cracks and discoloration
  • Odor-X technology neutralizes unpleasant odors lingering inside your car
  • Flairosol sprayer provides superior coverage and more control for safe and easy application
  • This high-performing leather cleaner and conditioner removes tough stains and soils from leather car seats and upholstery while preventing cracks and fading from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Infused with aloe vera and neatsfoot oil, Hybrid Solutions Leather Mist hydrates and softens to preserve the rich color and gloss of your leather interior. Our ergonomic, Flairosol spray produces a continuous, fine mist to evenly coat surfaces for more efficient product application. Get all the benefits of an ultra-premium detailer in one easy step with this incredible spray-on, wipe-off solution
  • Directions: SHAKE WELL. Pull trigger for short, medium, or pump for continuous bursts. Use a sweeping motion to spray product directly and evenly onto leather surfaces. Using a clean, dry microfiber cloth work the product well until surfaces are evenly cleaned and conditioned. Buff lightly with a second clean microfiber cloth
  • Note: Do not apply directly to hot surfaces. Test product on an inconspicuous area first. If leather darkens, discontinue use. Not for use on suede, alcantara, or unsealed leather

美國龜牌 T-53483 高級皮革清潔及保護噴霧(591ml) - Leather Mist Clean. Condition. Protect(591ml)



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