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型號: 美國龜牌 T-53413 陶瓷3合1快捷抹車美容液 (946ml)



  • 這是令汽車外觀瞬間煥然一新的日常快速護理方法,在洗車的間隙中定期使用此產品,在保持車身的清潔和光澤時,同時在車身表面提供陶瓷保護和超疏水層
  • 無需使用一滴水,光滑聚合物配方有助於安全去除灰塵而不會刮傷車蠟和鍍膜,成份中添加了陶瓷蠟,使用後留下漂亮光澤和強大的疏水保護
  • 包含非過水的洗滌清潔劑,可在沒有水的環境中進行清潔和保護
  • 絲滑配方可捕獲並包裹灰塵污垢,只需使用微纖維布即可輕鬆擦拭而無需用水
  • 讓汽車外觀煥然一新,並通過超疏水屏障保持更長時間的清潔,以幫助防止灰塵重新沉積在外表面
  • 可使用在所有無孔的外表面上,包括玻璃和車輪,提供無刮擦和輕負荷的清潔
  • 超疏水 siO2 聚合物、陶瓷合成車蠟可增加車身的顏色、光澤和光澤的深度
  • 甜美的果香讓感官愉悅


Model: Turtle Wax T-53413 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic 3-in-1 Detailer (946ml)



  • This ceramic detailer is a quick way to freshen up your car’s exterior between washes, maintaining that shiny, clean “wow factor” while adding a layer of high-performance ceramic wax protection.
  • Without a drop of water, the slick, spray-on formula helps safely remove dust and cleans the clear coat without scratching your finish, and it leaves a nice, streak-free shine and crazy water-beading protection, thanks to its hybrid ceramic wax
  • Introducing turtle wax hybrid solutions ceramic 3-in-1 detailer for the longest protecting detailer ever! Use this product regularly in between washes to safely clean & shine while delivering ceramic protection and super-hydrophobic polymers to your vehicle's surface
  • Hydro-glide waterless wash polymers deliver scratch-free, light-duty cleaning for all non-porous exterior surfaces, including glass and wheels
  • Silky formula traps and encapsulates dirt and grime that wipe away easily without water using only a microfiber cloth
  • Ceramic car wax and synthetic car wax polymers increase the depth of color, gloss and shine
  • Super hydrophobic SIO2 polymers turbocharge water-beading and chemical resistant protection for months
  • Sweet, fruity fragrance is a delight to the senses

美國龜牌 T-53413 陶瓷3合1快捷抹車美容液(946ml)-Hybrid Solutions Ceramic 3-in-1 Detailer(946ml)



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