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型號: 美國龜牌 T-53410 陶瓷濕車噴蠟 (769ml)



  • 使用美國龜牌陶瓷濕車噴蠟可為您在清洗汽車和打蠟時節省最大的時間和精力。使用這款噴蠟時,只需一個快速簡單的步驟即可保護、照亮和乾燥您的汽車。使用後,日後每次清洗和擦乾汽車時都能節省時間,因為疏水配方可抵抗污垢並促進更快、更輕鬆的乾燥。別忘了它還是陶瓷汽車蠟,所以使用後汽車煥發閃亮的光澤和完美保護屏障,防止氧化和表面污染物
  • 定期使用本產品,或與其他Hybrid Soilutions產品結合使用,可快速煥發車身的光澤和提供抗水保護,同時為汽車表面提供陶瓷保護和超疏水層
  • 洗車後在濕潤車身上直接噴上濕蠟再擦乾拋光,即可完成上蠟,快捷方便
  • 超疏水 SiO2 聚合物提供即時防水和耐化學性
  • 卓越的光澤、高光澤和增強的顏色深度
  • 超濃縮車蠟配方 - 每面板只需1或2次噴霧
  • 甜美的果香讓感官愉悅,帶來有趣的上蠟體驗


Model: Turtle Wax T-53410 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax (769ml)



  • Save yourself time and effort washing and waxing your car with the  Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax. With this car wax spray, you protect, shine and dry your car in one fast, easy step. Plus, after the initial application, you continue to save time every time you wash and dry your car as the hydrophobic, water-beading formula resists dirt and promotes faster, easier drying.And, of course, it’s a ceramic car wax, so you get that sparkling shine and a nearly impenetrable barrier of protection against oxidation and surface contaminants
  • All the benefits of ceramic with the incredible ease of simply drying your car
  • Use this product regularly by itself, or in conjunction with other hybrid solutions products, to quickly shine & protect while also delivering ceramic protection and super-hydrophobic polymers to your vehicle's surface
  • Just wash your car, spray on the Wet Wax and dry!
  • Super-hydrophobic SiO2 polymers deliver instant water-repelling and chemical resistance
  • Superior shine, high gloss, and enhanced depth of color
  • Super concentrated car wax formula – Just 1 or 2 sprays per panel
  • The sweet fruity fragrance delights the senses and makes for fun detailing experience

美國龜牌 T-53410 陶瓷濕車噴蠟(769ml) - Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax(769ml)



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