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型號: 美國龜牌 T-50935 車身花痕修復還原劑 (207ml)



  • 通過精密小板塊技術,可修復輕度到重度的劃痕、漩渦紋、水斑和油漆漬
  • 只需一個簡單的步驟即可修復和密封油漆,實現持久保護
  • 用後不會像其他品牌一樣消失效果
  • 暢銷的汽車花痕去除劑 - 維修和回復輕度至重度花痕和修復油漆漬,以獲得閃亮光澤
  • 此產品由特殊技術配製而成,可最大限度消除花痕,但對所有油漆和清漆都是安全的,成為一種非常簡單而有效的方法來消除車身表面的花痕
  • 為了保護已修復的車漆,配方中包含熱封技術,以2合1的功效提供持久的保護性密封劑。一旦完成了汽車花痕修復,亦無需在處理區域再塗抹車蠟


Model: Turtle Wax T-50935 Scratch Repair & Renew (207ml)



  • Repairs light to heavy scratches, swirls, water spots and paint contamination with precision platelet technology
  • Restores and seals paint in one easy step for long-lasting protection
  • Results won’t wash away like other brands
  • The #1 selling Turtle Wax scratch remover for cars - Repair & Renew repairs light to heavy scratches and seals in the restored paint for sparkling gloss
  • We’ve heard from car owners time and time again why they love this product so much
  • Formulated with self-aligning precision platelets, the compound attacks scratches aggressively but it’s safe for all paints and clearcoats, making it an incredibly easy and effective way to buff out scratches on car surfaces
  • And to help protect that restored paint, the formula includes Heat & Seal technology, providing a long-lasting protective sealant in a 2-in-1 action. Once you’ve finished your car paint scratch repair, there’s no need to apply car wax to the treated area. It’s already done

美國龜牌 T-50935 車身花痕修復還原劑(207ml) - Scratch Repair & Renew(207ml)



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