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型號: 美國龜牌 T-415 極品粗蠟 (532ml)



  • 可補救車身上較重的划痕、碎屑和氧化的簡單方法。可以用手塗抹或使用 DA 拋光機塗抹,可使用在車身上任何部位
  • 強效且很快見效,亦可以安全使用在光油層上
  • 使用後的顏色和光澤來自原車身的油漆和光油層,不含掩蔽劑,可隨時安排上蠟
  • 第一次使用也能獲得出色的效果
  • 去除較重的划痕、氧化、磨損和掉漆等
  • 可安全使用在光油層上,不含矽


Model: Turtle Wax T-415 Premium Rubbing Compound (532ml)



  • Our Premium Grade Car Rubbing Compound is an easy way to correct heavier scratches, chips and oxidation. Its versatile formula works great whether you apply it by hand or with a DA polisher, whether you use it on one problem area, on one panel such as a door or over the entire car
  • While it aggressively removes heavier scratches, it’s incredibly forgiving, even for first-time DIYers. It goes to work quickly, yet it’s safe for clear coats
  • With this car paint polish compound, what you see is what you get – beautifully restored surfaces! The deep color and clarity of the finished product comes from superbly polished paint and clear coat and no masking agents. Just a sparkling gloss, ready for a car wax

美國龜牌 T-415 極品粗蠟(532ml) - Premium Rubbing Compound(532ml)



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