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型號: 美國龜牌 T-246R 絲絨清潔防污除臭劑 (510g)



  • 這款銷量第一的汽車絲絨清潔劑可提供專業強度的清潔和除臭功能,為您的汽車座椅提供終極防護
  • 獨特的功能使這款清潔劑在去除咖啡、食物污漬、油脂、油污、泥土和污垢方面非常有效
  • 豐富的泡沫清潔液覆蓋並滲透整個座椅,以進行均勻的室內裝潢清潔。可拆卸的刷子既有堅硬的刷毛,可去除深層的頑固污漬,也有溫和的軟毛,可去除較輕的污漬和敏感織物
  • 此配方不會留下油性殘留物,持續防污,且不刺激敏感皮膚。相反,此產品會乾燥成粉末狀,可以輕鬆地用吸塵機清除
  • 車內清潔產品包含 Odor-X® 技術,可包裹異味分子並消除異味顆粒,持續除臭長達30天
  • 專業強效清潔,清除絲絨質地上的污垢,並可防污
  • Odor X 技術可在使用後長達 30 天內消除並抑制異味
  • 符合人體工學的 MicroScrub 刷子,可拆卸,快速去除頑固污漬,簡單高效

Model: Turtle Wax T-246R Car Upholstery Cleaner & Protector & Odor Eliminator (510g)



  • This #1 selling car upholstery cleaner and odor eliminator delivers professional-strength cleaning and deodorizing for the ultimate detailing job on your car’s seats
  • Several unique features make this car interior cleaner super-effective at removing coffee and food stains, grease and oil, mud and dirt
  • The rich foam cleaning solution covers and penetrates the entire seat for even upholstery cleaning. The removable brush has both tough, scrubbing bristles to remove deep, set-in stains and gentle bristles for lighter stains and sensitive fabrics
  • The formula leaves no oily residue that can re-attract dirt and stains to seat fabrics and irritate sensitive skin. Instead, the product dries to a powder, which you easily vacuum off the upholstery
  • Power Out! interior car cleaning products contain Odor-X® technology, which surrounds and eliminates odor particles at the molecular level and continues to deodorize for up to 30 days
  • Professional-strength cleaning leaves no residue that can re-attract stains
  • Exclusive Odor-X® Technology permanently eliminates odors
  • Dual-action MicroScrub Brush detaches for easy cleaning

美國龜牌 T-246R 絲絨清潔防污除臭劑(510g)-Car Upholstery Cleaner & Protector & Odor Eliminator



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